Beatport ReConnect summit announces deadmau5 and Eris Drew

Beatport has announced the headline speakers for their upcoming ReConnect summit, which will feature talks, workshops, debates, wellness talks, and music alongside deadmau5, Kerri Chandler, and many more. As Beatport is still the biggest platform for DJs and producers to get their music and discover new artists, the summit will be an excellent learning experience and will push boundaries to help make the music industry more diverse and inclusive.


ReConnect, taking place on the 21st and 22nd of September in New York, is always a hub where industry professionals and aspiring producers can network and learn from each and legends in the industry. This year Beatport wants to provoke thought and challenge mores in the industry, having stated that the Roof area will host inspirational and interesting conversations concerning the music culture, wellness, and diversity all hosted by the likes of, Women in Music and The Art of Areté. Not only does this set Beatport apart, it is a huge step in the right direction


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At the 2-day summit, “The Room” will host different showcases with a focus on music technology and tech-centered conversations. Since the crypto world has decidedly become a part of the music industry, Beatport announced panels with the CEO of crypto streaming platform “Audius”, Roneil Rumburg, as well as Inder Phull from PIXELYNX. Clearly, Beatport are looking towards the future.


Producers will benefit from workshops, demo drops, and direct sessions from A&R managers, all hosted by the Beatport Group in the Lounge area. A great way to get a foothold in the music industry and make new connections, Beatport ReConnect is a true networking hub and hotspot for industry professionals- with these staggering headline speakers, the summit is a great follow-up to Beatport’s input at the IMS summit in Ibiza earlier this year.


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Image credits: Beatport