Beatport Party Mode

Beatport Party Mode allows for B2B sets from anywhere in the world

Beatport, one of the world’s leading digital music marketplaces, is continuing to improve upon its exciting web based software with the new Beatport Party Mode.  For those unfamiliar, the Beatport DJ player allows users access to a digital mixer where they can hone their mixing skills while learning the components of a physical mixer.

The web based mix station, which was launched in early 2021, is getting a major upgrade with Beatport’s latest announcement, which now allows users to conduct B2B sets with fellow DJ’s from anywhere in the world, as well as the ability to invite fans to witness these virtual performances.  These new features, which were debuted earlier this year at IMS Ibiza 2022, offer a whole new way to interact with fans and fellow artists, right from the comfort of ones own living room.  This new feature offers latency-free playback for collaborators and allows up to four DJ’s to get in on the action, which could certainly open up for a lot of wide ranging sets.  Perhaps even more exciting, DJ’s are able to invite fans to these mix sessions, allowing them to easily reach new audiences without having to collect a ton of high priced equipment to share their sets.

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For even more interaction and connection with fans watching the sets, they have the ability to browse Beatport’s vast catalogue and make requests in real time.  Via the chat feature, virtual DJ’s are now able to interact with fans, and discuss their track selection and maybe even offer some insight into why certain requests may or not make sense in the moment.  While this is happening, their is also a great function allowing for the ability to save the session playlist, allowing both DJ’s and listeners alike to return to the tracks and further enjoy their favorite moments.  While fans will need a Beatport account to join as a viewer, DJ’s will need a subscription to the service to access all of the available features in Beatport Party Mode.


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Image Credit: Beatport (Press)