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Amazon accidentally leaks photo of transparent Beats Studio Buds Plus

When it comes to making large reveals for new products, companies must coordinate with a number of outlets, suppliers, and marketing entities to ensure the proper impact.  With so many organizations involved, things can go wrong, and most recently the Beats headphone brand had a major retailer jump the gun on a future product offering.

Founded by legendary beatmaker Dr. Dre and iconic music industry executive Jimmy Iovine, Beats Headphones has been a staple of the music industry since its inception thanks to its founders, as well as the large number of celebrity endorsements since its release.  The product was so successful, that Apple purchased the brand for a staggering $3 billion back in 2014.  With Apple overseeing the brand now, it has continued to be a major player in the headphone and earbud market, as it continues to evolve both its internal technology as well as external features and design.  This continued creative push seems to have been revealed a bit prematurely when one major retailer accidentally shared an image and details for a product that has yet to be officially announced.

As a global marketplace, Amazon offers users around the world quick access to a large number of products and retailers.  With so much available on the platform, sometimes information can be dispersed at the wrong time, and that seems to be what happened with the upcoming transparent Beats Studio Buds Plus.  While the listing has since been removed, some users caught the product and grabbed some screenshots of the product which boasts a larger microphone for voice calls, Hey Siri compatibility, and improved Transparency Mode.  Although the product has since been pulled, if the information is correct, the new earbuds will be available on May 18th for &169.95.

Anyone looking to upgrade or update their own earbuds and is interested in the transparent Beats Studio Buds Plus should be patient and see if the product does officially launch before the end of May.


Image credit: MacRumors

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