Behringer AKS Mini

Behringer reveals final version of AKS Mini

While the anticipation has been building it for some time now, it seems that producers who are looking to add new Behringer gear to their collection won’t have to wait much longer.  First announced around May 2022, the compact AKS Mini synth is almost here.

Created as a smaller, more affordable version of the highly popular VCS3 synthesizer, Behringer is hoping their new product release will offer producers the quality and function of the original, but in a much more compact physical component.  Looking to provide an experience on point with the original, the AKS Mini will feature three VCO’s, a built-in arpeggiator, and a 16-step motion sequencer.  Perhaps most importantly, Behringer promises to deliver the “exact same” oscillators and filters that made the VCS3 such a powerful production tool.

Even though no release date has been revealed, the first look is certainly exciting as producers can see the clear design of the controls, as well as get excited to test out the true accuracy of the parameters.  Of course, those who are nostalgic for the original will note that the 16×16 pin matrix will not be included in the design of the Mini.  Those hoping to get a more accurate update on the VCS3 will have to wait for the full-size clone which Behringer has promised in the future as well.

As of now, you shouldn’t expect to see these available until at least summer.  While that might be a bit of a pain, the incredible price point of just $99 should reinstate the overall excitement for the AKS Mini.  Be sure to stay connected with both Behringer and us here at We Rave You for further updates on this exciting new synth.


Image credit: Behringer

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