Behringer CZ-1 Mini

Will Behringer release their new CZ-1 Mini synthesizer soon?

The announcement of new gear, including a range of micro and mini synthesizers, was made a while back by Behringer. A few days ago they lit the fire again through a social media post about the current state of the developments. Their promotion is mainly related to the new modulation of the famous Casio CZ-1 synthesizer, so we can assume that this piece of gear will be released soon.


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The well-known Casio CZ-1 vintage synthesizer has 61 keys spread across 5 octaves, including velocity and aftertouch. This monster of a synthesizer not only owes its size to the large keyboard but also to its many features. A total of 8-stage envelopes, 2 OSC per voice, 16 voices, built-in chorus effect, 64 presets, 64 user patches, and 64 external patches, etc. are included. Behringer modeled its well-appreciated sound and features into a more compact and portable piece of gear, the CZ-1 Mini.


On May 5th, 2023, Behringer shared some new details about their behind-the-scenes advancements, stating: “As we’re rolling out our amazing Mini and Micro synths, we have also drafted a CZ-1 Mini which is modeled after one of the most sought after Casio CZ-1.” A first glimpse of the new model has been shared publicly. Common CZ features such as the DCOs, DCWs, DCAs, line select, and the chorus effect are included but there are some new additions. An analog filter has been implemented so that you can control the cutoff and resonance. Control the tempo manually or sync it. Use an ARP, Sequencer, LFO, and multiple envelopes to shape the filter and total mix. Choose between 8 different waveforms and 4 different vibrato waveforms. Furthermore, it holds onto 4 voices of polyphony and a MIDI CC implementation, for you to connect any external keyboards to the synthesizer.


The estimated price for this unit will be around $99.

Have a look at the draft down below:

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Image Credits: Behringer

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