Behringer Space FX

Behringer prepares to release Space FX module

It was back in April of 2022 that Behringer first revealed that it would be developing a new digital stereo effects module named Space FX.  While producers have been anxiously awaiting the new device to add to their studio collections and test out on new productions, it seems that the device is finally and production.

When the world was first informed about the forthcoming Space FX module, Behringer made the announcement via a Facebook post, revealing several details, and answering consumers’ questions in the comments section.  Since that initial reveal, the production world has had to wait for further updates from the audio production company, and it finally came a few days ago as they announced that the unit was being manufactured and ready to ship from their warehouse.  With an estimated price tag of around $50, it is a powerful and affordable module for introducing a variety of reverbs, chorus, flangers, and other effects to pair with any Eurorack modules.

Featuring an easy-to-use interface, producers will be able to easily saturate any sounds through the FX SEND knob and even be able to tap delays and other timed effects with the manual tap button.  The 24-bit effects are powered by technology from KLARK TEKNIK and offer incredible clarity and precision for each effect.  Installed within the module are 32 effect algorithms, which include 15 reverb types, that are categorized by room, plate, chamber, etc, as well as eight additional effect modules.  The additional features include delay, chorus, echo, flanger, phaser, and tremolo, plus special FX such as pitch shifter, talkbox, LFO filter, and clipper distortion.

Fans of Behringer’s Eurorack models who are looking for a powerful FX module that won’t take up a lot of space, and offer a wide variety of features should appreciate the design and function of the new Space FX Multi-FX Eurorack Module.  Check out the full introductory video below for more information.

Image Credit: Behringer

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