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Behringer announces the Toro analog synthesizer

Behringer has announced the release of the Toro, a compact analog synthesizer inspired by the classic Moog bass synth. Founded in 1989, Behringer is a German audio equipment company offering high quality, budget conscious equipment to both hobbyist and professionals. The Toro marks one of several synthesizers to soon be released by the brand. 


Featuring a 2-octave keyboard, as well as a built-in sequencer; the synthesizer is crafted to recreate the sound of the Moog Taurus. The synthesizer is inspired by the original Taurus (Produced by Moog). The Taurus first rose to popularity in the 1970s after its use by such world renowned bands as Rush and Yes. Designed in a desktop module form factor, the synthesizer features a single VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) with variable pulse width, an ADSR envelope generator, a low-pass filter, and a VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier). Behringer brings the timeless sound of the Taurus to the world of modern day synthesis. The synth includes MIDI and USB connectivity, as well as a built-in arpeggiator and sequencer.


The Behringer Toro  is expected to be available in the coming months, with a price point of around $349; making it a budget-friendly option for musicians who want to recreate the classic sounds of yesteryear without breaking the bank. With a relatively small footprint, the synth packs a punch as its highly capable. For more information on all their latest products, visit Behringer’s official website.


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