Behringer XENYX 1202SFX & 1002SFX

Behringer reveal XENYX 1202SFX & 1002SFX analog mixers

Behringer is continuing its long history of providing producers and engineers with high-quality sound gear and tools that help to function in any scenario or environment.  Now the German company is returning with two brand new analog mixers to add to its impressive line-up of offerings.

The two new mixers are part of the XENYX line offered by Behringer, and provide either 10 or 12 inputs respectively while being equipped with a  built-in stereo USB audio interface as well as Klark Teknik effects processors.  Both the 1202SFX and the 1002SFX come equipped with meticulously designed microphone pre-amps for which the XENYX series is known, while the former has four inputs, the latter design only contains two.  The input channels offer both XLR and quarter-inch TRS inputs as well as a three-band EQ with fixed high-, mid-, and low-frequency bands offering ±15dB of adjustment at 12kHz, 2.5kHz, and 80Hz.  Both models also feature four stereo line-level inputs, that come equipped with rotary effects send, balance, and level controls, as well as a 12dB gain boost switch, and the last of the stereo channels will automatically switch to USB audio playback when no line-level is connected.

Of course, Behringer has designed both the 1202SFX and 1002SFX to be functional with the modern technology and purpose of streaming and other PC-related content and both analog mixers have two pairs of RCA connectors to allow sound to be mixed into the USB stream.  The two units also offer both main and monitor-level outputs, an external send connection, as well as a headphone connection.  To further help hone the perfect sound, each mixer is equipped with Klark Teknik effects, providing delays, reverbs, EQs, as well as 100 ready-to-use presets.  Powered by an external power supply, both units maintain the high standard of design that Behringer has been known for.

Learn more about the XENYX 1202SFX and the 1002SFX at the Behringer website.

Image Credit: Behringer

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