best ai based plugins 2023

The best AI-based music production plugins in 2023

As you’ve probably seen lately, there are many new developments surfacing on the internet based on Artificial Intelligence. We are mostly talking about the science behind AI, but we’ve never made an actual list of the best plugins that include AI. Down below we’ve made a list of the top 9 best AI plugins. Expect instruments and tools, suitable for mixing and mastering, made by companies such as Mastering The Mix, Sonible, and Captain Plugins.


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Top 9 best AI plugins


1. DRUM Virtual Instrument

DRUM is a rhythm and sequencing tool that holds onto 16 different pads, which can be used to trigger your own library but also the 1000 drum sounds and 30 included kits. Create your own drum pattern and edit every parameter, such as timing and velocity, of the individual sounds. The AI is implemented into the Kit Generator, which will generate new sounds and kits based on your demands.



2. InstaChord

Boost your musicality through this MIDI chord processing plugin called InstaChord. This plugin gives you the freedom to pick your favorite chord progressions that are suitable to the key you’re working in. A complete matrix is included that holds onto a total of 24 chords spread over 2 octaves, and a configuration section that holds onto different actions for the selected chords. Select the right root notes, chord scale, and voicing, and decide how these progressions are being played. Load up a range of included chord presets or save your own progressions as MIDI and use it in your next composition.



3. Mastering The Mix Complete Collection

This complete bundle compiled by Mastering The Mix is mainly focused on design, simplicity, time-saving, performance, and customization of your tracks. There are a total of 7 different plugins included, ranging from equalizers to metering tools. Included within are RESO, EXPOSE 2, MIXROOM, BASSROOM, ANIMATE, REFERENCE 2, and LEVELS. These plugins are holding onto different AI-based developments that will help you tackle the most common struggles while mixing and mastering your musical production.



4. Scaler 2

Drag and drop your piece of music into Scaler and the AI will come up with the right chords, matching your creations. Through the incorporated MIDI and audio detection system the plugin will scan the key and scale of your piece of music. Change the expressions, performances, and rhythms of the suggested chord progressions and decide which way you want to go. Scaler can even suggest ways of key variations to make your progressions sound more interesting and surprising.



5. Melody Sauce 2

This plugin can be compared to the DRUM plugin (listed as number 1), but this time you’ll use melodies instead of drums. Create MIDI melodies in the style of Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, Reggaeton, and Techno and shape it the way you want to. Change the key, speed, loop length, octave, and groove, or add effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus. Up to 100 sounds are right at your disposal to create a suitable melody for your chords and dive into the advanced editor to change every parameter of your favorite melody. This plugin can perfectly be used together with InstaChord.



6. Smart:bundle by Sonible

Smart Bundle includes a range of intelligent equalizers, reverbs, compressors, and limiters. Control the dynamics, shape, and overall character of your individual sounds, mixes, and masters through this bundle. Included within are Smart:Limit, Smart:EQ 3, Smart:Reverb, and Smart:Comp 2. Artificial intelligence has been built into the circuitry of these plugins and will help you to achieve your expected end result.



7. Captain Plugins Epic

A total of 5 different plugins are included that will help you arrange chords, pick drums, and create basslines. Over 96.000 chord progressions, more than 600 basslines, and 250+ instruments are right at your fingertips while using these plugins. Included within are Captain Chords, Captain Melody, Captain Deep, Captain Beat, and Captain Play. Use this bundle for any kind of genre. Start off your next production, create chords, explore a world of rhythms, generate your own melodies, use different instruments, and export your ideas to MIDI and audio.



8. Atlas 2

Atlas offers you a fully fletched sample file storage, mentioned to take care of a fast, efficient, and flexible workflow for your drum sample library. The incorporated AI will sort all your samples and organizes them into the sample map for you. From now on, you can search in the right direction for the right samples. Multi-selected drum pads will save you time while building your own drum kit. The sequencer will display the arrangement of your drum kits in an organized step-sized visualizer.



9. Solaris Virtual Vocalist

This English native AI vocalist is programmed to cover a wide range of different aspects when it comes to vocals. This virtual vocalist has full control over the melody and characteristics of her voice, so you don’t have to worry about a robotic sounding vocal on top of your record. By using the Synthesizer V SOLARIA you’ll be able to create expression and harmonies for your vocals. You can even adjust vocal lines any time if you’re not happy with the lyrics.






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