best ambient and chill sample packs

The best sample packs for making ambient & chill music

If the autumn & winter seasons, where the days are shorter, the nights cooler and the sun is less visible outside the window, were to be reflected in the music genre, it would definitely be Ambient or Chillout music. Melodic waves, nostalgic mood, calm beat rather without vocal layer, and relaxing atmosphere. In such a short sentence you could describe these genres to a person who has never had the pleasure to listen to this-kind-of-vibe production. The demand for ambient, chillout and lofi beats has tremendously evolved over the past few years. Considering the rise of this genre, we have prepared a list of the best ambient & chillout sample packs in 2022, both premium and free.


TOP 7 chillout & ambient sample packs :

1. Grus & Sown Wraiths – $12

2. Ghosthack Stratosphere Cinematic Ambient Sounds – €49.95 [Read below to get 25% off]

3. Loopmasters Ambient Waves – €39.32

4. Ghosthack Purple Clouds Chillout Sounds – €39.32 [Read below to get 25% off]

5. The Sixteenth Bar Cinematic Modular €44.94

6. Kazbo Chill Pop – €16.82 – €22.44

7. Loopmasters Chill LA Trap – €33.69


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Check out the short descriptions of 4 of the best ambient sample packs and 3 for making chillout/chill trap down below & also there are a few free excellent packs for you in case you make it to the end of the article!


Premium ambient sample packs:


1. Grus & Sown Wraiths Sample Pack – $12

Grus & Sown is the brainchild of sound designer and composer Dalton Newman. Wraiths has a wide array of brittle textures and one shots. Created using techniques such as lossy compression, granular processing etc, the pack has been perfectly fabricated to fit into any style of music. A bunch of analog machines & eurorack modules were involved in the creation of the sample pack catering to which the pack rightfully delivers analog warmth that is rarely found in modern-day sample packs. Included within are 178 samples including drums, textures & tonal one-shots. Check out the sample pack in action here.




2. Ghosthack Stratosphere Cinematic Ambient Sounds –  €49.95

This pack is made not only for producing ambient tracks. Cinematic Ambient sounds is perfect for Film, Audio & Game Designers too. This chilling collection, full of experimental samples and sounds, is mainly concentrated on drones, fx and atmospheres. For only £49.95 you’re getting 1.80 GB of content featuring more 100 complex and multi-layered automatons, climates, commotion and moving soundscapes, 50+ ambient drum samples, 219 Patches for Kontakt 6, & a lot more.Grab this pack for 25% off by using the code “WERAVEYOU” on checkout.

Check out the demo to Stratosphere here.


3. Loopmasters Ambient Waves – €39.32

This packs is a heartfelt determination of lush sonic scenes, stuffed with ethereal synthesizers, epic instruments and environmental percussion. Ambient Waves permits you to easily blend your ideal aural scenery in with 16 Tracks each with discrete melodic and drum parts and highlights an abundance of genuine instruments including Guitar, Bass, Piano, Chimes, Bells, Rhodes, Harp and Marimba.


Listen to three minutes long preview of the pack:


4. Ghosthack Purple Clouds Chillout Sounds – €39.95 [Read below to get 25% off]

Purple Clouds is an advanced beatmaker’s dream fabricated to help you create soothing downtempo tracks or a relaxing ambient score for a new film project, game scenery, trailer or documentary. This library includes all the unobtrusive subtleties that catch those warm elevating vibes and nostalgic emotions. Warm leads, vintage keys, beautiful piano loops, chord progressions all made at 80bpm and weigh in with a whooping 4GB+ of content in total! Also you can get excluse 25% off the pack if you use the coupon code “WERAVEYOU” on checkout.


Listen to the Purple Clouds sample pack demo here.


5. The Sixteenth Bar Cinematic Modular €44.94

You will find here more than 4 GB of ambient-friendly content. Included within are smooth simple basslines, lovely arpeggios, complex textures, and dynamic and expressive melodic phrases. All elements were recorded at 90 and 120 BPM!


Listen to the DEMO track made with Cinematic Modular sounds:


6. Kazbo Chill Pop – €16.82 – €22.44

This amazing compilation of chill samples transports you profound into an enthusiastic universe of melodic riffs, delicate synths, exceptional leads, rich pads, fragile harmony loops, painstakingly cleaved and pitched vocals and downtempo drums. The influence of Chill Pop comes from the most recognizablT chillout / chill trap / melodic bass representatives like Porter Robinson, ODESZA, Pluko, Kasbo, and Louis The Child.



7. Loopmasters Chill LA Trap – €33.69

Chill LA Trap contains over 1.2GB worth of samples, loops, one shots and patches that are simply tingling to become highlights in your next beat. The drums are stacked with Californian vibe and incorporate part development loops so you can structure your drum segments precisely to taste. This assortment is ideal for Chill Trap, LA Beats, Hip Hop, Ambient and other Chilled classifications and is an expert determination of sounds intended to take your creations to hyperspace.



If all listed above packs aren’t up to your budget, check these free high-quality ambient & chillout sample packs:


1. We Rave You Tech Vol. 1 Sample Pack 


2. Chubby Beatz Chill Vibes Sample Pack



3. SAMPLAR Atmospheric Pads Sample Pack



4. Tranquil – Chill Out Mini Sample Pack



5. Servida Artist Series Pack (Chill Beat)


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