Home Tech Best cinematic drums sample packs 2024
Best cinematic drums sample packs 2024
cinematic sample packs

Best cinematic drums sample packs 2024

Home Tech Best cinematic drums sample packs 2024

For some time now, there has been a growing inspiration for cinematic sounds in the world of electronic music and also in various different genres. You can mainly see – or actually hear – it during concerts and at music festivals, where DJs are very eager to use this cinematic tension-building in their intros. As far as music production is concerned, one can often hear the use of cinematic samples in bass tracks and even techno/house music. If you have a strong connection with music, you probably like to pay attention to productions on TV or gaming. Today we have created a list of the five best cinematic drum packs that should be in the sample baggage of anyone who would like to enrich their productions in film, TV, gaming, and of course electronic dance music.

List of five of the best cinematic sample packs:

1. Ghosthack Sound Quantum Force – $24.95

2. Loopmasters Drums of Sparta – $38.27

3. Fernando Legreca Cinematic Vibrations – £19.90

4. Dramatic Cinema 2 – $57.43

5.  Freakyloops Cinematic Drums – $25.49

Read the description and our review of these best cinematic sample packs down below & also there are some free samples for you in case you make it to the end of the article!

1. Ghosthack Sound Quantum Force

This pack is an unbelievable collection of cinematic & orchestral drums and percussions. Expect cinematic enlivened development packs, epic drum group circles, underscore percussive circles, many instrumental drum percussion one-shots, immense current prepared layered hits, trailer whoosh impacts, sub blasts and significantly more. Quantum Force – unique collection of sounds inspired by modern films and trailers.

    • 159 Timpanis
    • 118 Layered Hits
    • 104 Snares
    • 50 Whooshes
    • 26 Toms
    • 20 Cymbals
    • 16 Cajons
    • 13 Metal Hits
    • 8 Darbukas
    • 8 Frame Drums
    • 7 Anvils
    • 7 Sub Hits
    • 6 Shakers & Cabasa
    • 6 Wood Blocks
    • 152 Drum Ensemble Loops
    • 37 Percussion Loops
    • 15 Construction Kits (74 STEMs)

2. Loopmasters Drums of Sparta

Drums Of Sparta is a collection of many different types of drum sounds from around the world. It includes over 400 professionally recorded samples of drums like Taiko drums, Daiko, Hira Daiko, Doumbek, Dundun, Mondo Toms, Chang, Hang, and Frame Drums, as well as other orchestral percussion instruments. With such a wide variety of drum sounds, Drums of Sparta allows music creators to build very realistic and immersive drum tracks. It is an extremely flexible and versatile drum sample library that lets you create powerful drum performances!


  • 62 Full Drum Mix Loops
  • 46 Percussion Loops
  • 44 Taiko Rim Loops
  • 25 Chang Metal Loops
  • 25 Frame Hang Loops
  • 22 Tom Loops
  • 21 Daiko Loops
  • 20 Shaker Loops
  • 18 Frame Drum Loops
  • 14 Doumbek Loops
  • 11 Dundun Loops
  • 5 Mondo Loops
  • 2 Fx Loops
  • 117 Drum Fills
  • 342 Rex2 Files
  • 2 Soft Sampler Patches


3. Fernando Legreca Cinematic Vibrations

This pack contains everything you need to create real life inspired music. It includes sounds for making ambient, low-fidelity background music as well as complex arpeggio melodies. The sounds can be used to compose your own soundtrack music for movies, TV shows, video games, documentaries, and other videos that need background music. Specifically, you are getting over 100 different drum sounds and sound effect files.


  •            – 6 Construction Kits labelled by BPM and Note
  •            – In total 109 Loops


  • –  17 Clicks & Sticks
  •           –  22 Hi Hats
  •           –  25 Kicks
  •           –  21 Percussion Elements
  •           –  24 Snare & Claps       

           – 20 One Shot / EFX 


4. Dramatic Cinema 2

Dramatic Cinema 2 is a 4.54 GB collection of sounds. It includes loops, hits/impacts, and soft sampler instrument patches – all ready to be used in your next music project. The loops are designed to work together seamlessly right from the start. You can easily combine the included violins, electric guitars, textures, pianos, tribal toms and more to create thick and beautiful atmospheric soundscapes. All the loops have labeled BPM (beats per minute) info, making it even easier to drop them into your next song for an instant sense of atmosphere and mood.

  • 110 String Loops
  • 77 Orchestral Drum Loops
  • 69 Flute Loops
  • 53 Piano Loops
  • 29 Orchestral Perc Loops
  • 26 Electronic Drum Loops
  • 19 Bass Loops
  • 8 Synth Loops
  • 7 Electronic Perc Loops
  • 201 Cinematic Fx
  • 73 Drones & Textures
  • 46 Guitar Hits & Phrases
  • 36 Flute Phrases
  • 30 Brass Hits
  • 22 Cinematic Drums
  • 22 Double Bass Hits
  • 22 Harp Hits & Phrases
  • 7 Violin Fx & Phrases
  • 459 Rex2 Files
  • 147 Soft Sampler Patches


5. Freakyloops Cinematic Drums

This pack gives you 454MB of realistic, processed drum sounds. It includes heavy to soft and sparse drum loops, stuttered and distorted glitchy drums, realistic hits to extreme blasts, percussion sounds, and various other drum elements – everything you need to create powerful beats and drum tracks. Every single sound is 100% usable and ready to be dropped straight into your mixes. Cinematic Drums works great for any genre – from ambient to dubstep and drum & bass.


  • 027 Dark and Sparse Drum Loops
  • 023 Heavy Drum Loops
  • 020 Percussion Tops
  • 030 Stuttered and Glitchy Drum Loops
  • 013 Distorted and Glitchy Drum Hits
  • 015 Drum Elements
  • 023 Hits and Booms
  • 024 Percussion Hits 003 Battery Kits


Free Cinematic Sample Packs:

  1. Big Fish Audio Free Cinematic Sample Pack
  2. One Man Tribe Freebie
  3. Cinematic Elements Vol1
  4. Free Orchestral & Cinematic Sounds

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