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The best Drum & Bass sample packs in 2023

Drum & Bass is a music genre born in the mid-90s in the UK. It’s characterized by heavy rolling basslines, and breakbeat drum patterns maintained mostly at 160-180 BPM. Despite great popularity in the UK and Central Europe, DnB is still an underground genre in most parts of the world, including the US. However, this does not change the fact that the number of Drum & Bass fans is constantly growing, and most popular representatives – such as Noisia, Dimension, SaSaSaS, Wilkinson, Andy C, Sub Focus, or Camo & Krooked – are highly recognized among electronic fans all over the world. Over the years DnB has evolved into many subgenres, such as Breakcore, Jump-up, Techstep, and more. No matter which one is your favorite and whose production you enjoy the most, in the list below you will find the best Drum & Bass sample packs to create great-sounding productions representing literally every existing DnB subgenre.

List of the 10 best Drum & Bass sample packs in 2023:

1. Ghosthack Neurofunk Arsenal Vol. 2 – €18.44 – €49.99 [Read Below to get 25% off]

2. Erb N Dub – Live DNB Drum Breaks – $24.99

3. Survival DNB by Apollo Sound – $45.00

4. Future Drum N Bass – $39.00

5. Infinite – Liquid DnB Samples – €29.95

6. Ghost Syndicate Nostrum – $26.26

7. Loopmasters Bad Taste Recordings Vol. 1 – $13.10 – $46.00

8. Madface – Faces of Drum & Bass – $35.47

9. Matryn Nytram – Dread Recordings – $9.15 – $32.84

10. Tantrum Desire – Technique Essentials – $44.95 


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Check out the description and our review of listed premium Drum & Bass sample packs down below & also there are some free packs for you in case you make it to the end of the article!



Best Premium Drum & Bass packs:


1. Ghosthack Neurofunk Arsenal Vol. 2 – €18.44 – €49.99

Generally 1,2GB in size, this bundle contains 800+ files of dangerously sharp musical adjustment. Concentrated on granular neuro bass sounds and drum one-shots it holds a wide cluster of unmistakably various cymbals, caps, kicks, rides, snares, and an aggregate of 25 drum loops – all isolated in stems, all key-and BPM-marked. Grab the pack for 25% off by using coupon code “WERAVEYOU” on checkout.


2. Erb N Dub – Live DNB Drum Breaks – $24.99

The Audio Animals mastering studio has re-mastered 57 drum breaks to bring out their clarity and fullness, taking them to a whole new level of power and punch. Along with these re-mastered drum breaks, there are five different drum kits, each with its unique tone and texture, and over 20 different cymbals. The recording of 20 different snares, both expensive and cheap, allows for a pack that is unique and versatile throughout, with the ability to create a sound that can be gritty and edgy or clean and expensive. Definitely one of the best sample packs for live snares and DNB drums.

3. Survival DnB – $45.00

Apollo Sound’s, Survival DnB sample pack, is a face-melting symbiosis of Rock, Jump Up DnB, and Neurofunk. Designed to help listeners survive hard times, the pack is full of adrenaline, testosterone, and explosive Neurofunk samples that will inspire any DnB producer. The pack includes rolling DnB drum loops, driving rock guitars, hoarse rock vocal hooks, toxic synth tunes, sawing Neurofunk bass sounds, sound effects, hand-crafted musical samples, and 38 powerful Neurofunk Serum presets. It also features a set of 100+ forceful industry-standard drum hits.

4. Future Drum N Bass – $39.00

The “Cosmic Funk” sample library by Apollo Sound combines funky melodies, jazz harmonies, and cosmic futuristic synthesized sounds to open up a world of fresh ideas for DnB producers. The pack includes 291 stellar drum loops (44 full loops & 247 stems), 36 deep & rough synth bass loops (including midi), 27 futuristic keys loops (including midi), 24 dreamy synth loops (including midi), and 14 atmospheric pads (including midi). It also features 42 XFer Serum presets, 100 exclusive musical samples, 90 handcrafted drum samples, and 17 effects to add the finishing touches to your tracks.

5. Infinite – Liquid DnB Samples – €29.95

Tthe “Infinite Liquid DNB” sample pack, is perfect for rhythm aficionados. With close to 600 loops and over 600 one-shots, this pack offers highly defined atmosphere pads, bass guitars and effects, guitars, keys, percussion, trumpets, and futuristic synths. It also includes female voice samples, alien FXs, and more. The archive is well over 1 gigabyte, key- and bpm-labeled, and available in 24bit WAV format. Take inspiration from producers like Chase & Status, Netsky, Sub Focus, or High Contrast and invest in this professional sound repertoire.

6. Ghost Syndicate Nostrum – $26.26

Nostrum is a coarse toolset loaded with tearaway sonics incorporating key components of dull and gritty Drum & Bass, including styles like Techstep, Neurofunk, and even Jump-up. Ghost Syndicate is offering an unbelievable exhibit of sounds: the various low-end with spitting, growling, and sputtering mids, just as old-style reeses and chest-shaking subs, will keep the dancefloor shivering for a long time.




7. Loopmasters Bad Taste Recordings Vol. 1 – $13.10 – $46.00

Bad Taste Recordings Vol. 1 collection’s content is made by names like Vegas, Akov (Eatbrain, Cause4Concern), Billain (Critical, Invisible), and Filip Motovunski (Subtitles, Born on Road). Pack weighs in at an impressive 2.43 GB of sounds, including, among others, 50+ Synth Loops & Hits, Bass Loops, Hits & Multis, 80+ Full Drum and Kick Loops, and some presets for Xfer Serum and Omnisphere. Bad Taste speaks to the immortal edge of inventive, enthusiastic Drum and Bass.


You can listen to the collection’s preview here.

8. Madface – Faces of Drum & Bass – $35.47

Madface, iconic Let It Roll festival’s resident and winner of the Czech Drum & Bass Awards in 2016, made a 700+ MB pack of a crazy variety of the wispiest loops and samples any drum & bass producer could dream of. Faces of Drum & Bass is filled with floating pads, pretty strings, reverbed and delayed FXs, sick bass one-shots, deep rolling basslines & much more. All files are made originally by Madface! This pack is made with the creation lucidity and quality you’d anticipate from a such DnB representative as him.


Pack’s demo:


9. Matryn Nytram – Dread Recordings – $9.15 – $32.84

Martyn Nytram carries over 900MB of rankling content with loops, one hit, and sampler patches, prepared for a pinnacle time attack on the faculties! Pressed with lumpy bass loops, full-phat drums, max speed synths, gleaming percussion, and moving top circles – this is the drum and bass masterclass you have to get the vibes moving – completely EQ’d and aced for a sure-fire mix in your DAW. His pack is ideal for Drum & Bass, Jungle, and other high-tempo genres, at tempos from 172-174BPM.


10. Tantrum Desire – Technique Essentials – $44.95 

Tantrum Desire is quite a renowned name when it comes to DnB. His music has received support from artists like Skrillex, Utah Saints & more. His sheer success comes out of the fact that he is a master of his craft and so can be noticed in his sample pack. Included within are 466 files filled with heavy-hitting bass loops, one-shots, drums & percussion, FX loops, Serum presets & more. Definitely one of the best artist sample packs for Drum & Bass production.




FREE Drum & Bass Sample Packs

1. Skifonix Sounds Drum & Bass Essentials


2. R3dX & Bully Jump Up vs Rollers


3. RAGGED: Drum & Bass Sample Pack Vol. 2


4. Ghost Syndicate Free Samples Vol. 2


5. DNB Rollers – Rollers Essentials Volume 1


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