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Black Friday sales on Plugins

Best Early Black Friday Deals on AU/VST Plugins for Music Production 2021

Black Friday 2021 will be held on November 26. The whole music industry is getting ready for the best sales, as the date draws near. Early sales are already up and running and we don’t want you to miss out on the best ones. Down below you’ll find a list of the best early Black Friday deals, discounts & offers on AU/VST plugins in 2021. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.


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Best Early Black Friday Deals on AU/VST Plugins for Music Production 2021


1. Baby Audio Black Friday Sale

Baby Audio has a catalog of 7 plugins namely TAIP, Smooth Operator: Spaced Out, Super VHS, Parallel Aggressor, Comeback Kid & I Heart NY. All of them come in at a very affordable price tag and catering to the pristine quality they offer, they are much more worth than their official price tag. Definitely, one of our top early Black Friday Deals to watch out for.


Check out Baby Audio’s latest plugin TAIP in action down below:


2. Audio Assault XCTR Multiband Saturator Black Friday Sale 

XCTR is a multi-band saturation plugin using which you can define different saturation amounts to different frequency bands. You can beef up your basslines, smooth out the mid-range, add some air quite easily using this plugin. Quite a handy tool for quickly adding saturation to your sounds without cluttering up the mix. Available now for 71% off for a limited time.


3. Output Black Friday Sale

This sale includes the entire range of Outputs catalog including expansions, instruments, and plugins. Save up to 37% on vocals, pads, basslines, strings, and much more. The plugins and instruments included are Exhale, Movement, Portal, Signal, Analog Strings, Analog Brass & Winds, Rev, Substance, and Thermal. This sale is running until December 6, 2021.



Check out Output’s most popular plugin portal down below:





4. iZotope Black Friday Sale 

iZotope, one of the most renowned mixing and mastering plugins brands also have started with their Black Friday sale. Until December 31, 2021, you’ll be able to save up to 95% on their finest plugins, bundles, upgrades, and suites. The top-rated and award-winning plugins are available for a price you can’t refuse. Be ready to get your hands on the industry’s most acclaimed tools for mixing & mastering.



Check out iZotope’s most popular plugin Ozone down below:



5. Sonnox Black Friday Sale 

All of the plugins developed by Sonnox, both HD and Native, are compiled in this huge Black Friday Sale. The Oxford Inflator, Oxford Limiter, Sonnox Mastering Collection, Oxford Dynamics, Restore Bundle are included. Get hold of an entire arsenal suitable for mixing & mastering and save up to 75% until December 6, 2021.



Check out Sonnox’s Oxford limiter below:



6. Devious Machines Black Friday Sale

Save up to 30% on Devious Machines’ best plugins such as Pitch Monster, Texture, Infiltrator, and Duck. Get creative with multi-effects, sidechains, and extreme pitch shifting options. Gain access to a vast amount of sound design options while using these plugins. This sale is running until December 5, 2021.



Check out pitch monster down below:



7. Melda Black Friday Sale 

Melda can’t be left behind, as they also put their entire catalog into a huge sale. Their best amps, equalizers, compressors, delays, filters, limiters, and saturators can be yours for half of the original price. Even Melda’s finest complete and creative bundles are 50% off. A total of 88 products are being offered to you. This sale is running until November 28, 2021.



Check out top 5 Melda Production plugins selected by Protoculture down below:



8. Pulsar Audio Pre-Black Friday Sale

Pulsar Audio plugins offer a digital version of some of the renowned vintage analog gear. If you are someone who craves for that analog texture, these deals might be something of your interest. In their Pre-Black Friday Sale on VST plugins, you can find tools such as 1178, Smasher, Mu & Echorec available at 60-70% off.




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