Home Tech Free music samples: Top 10 websites to watch out in 2024
Free music samples: Top 10 websites to watch out in 2024
best free music samples
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Free music samples: Top 10 websites to watch out in 2024

Home Tech Free music samples: Top 10 websites to watch out in 2024

The most important element while producing a song is the usage of the right sounds. Achieving a professional result on a technical aspect and a musical aspect is really important in order to grow as an artist. Gathering self-made samples and samples from other artists will help you build your own sample library, but where do you get them? If you are just starting out its recommended to make the most of free resources available especially if you are on a budget before diving into paid sample packs. Here are some of the best websites for free music samples in 2024.

Best websites for free music samples in 2024

1. Looperman

Looperman is a website where everyone can download or upload samples for free. Start your own forum or join one and get a hold of thousands of vocals, drums, plugins, and much more.

2. Lucid Samples

Lucid Samples provides tons of free and paid sample packs for music producers and DJs, ensuring there’s something for every budget. With a large selection of Royalty-Free audio samples, including drum loops, instrumentals, vocals, and FX. This company helps music creators to boost their productions without the financial barrier.

3. Production Music Live

Production Music Live contains a large music library offering templates and samples as well as complete bundles and courses. There is a free samples section within the website where you’ll find some high-quality 100% royalty-free sounds, presets, templates, and MIDI files.

4. W.A. Production

The ‘Free Download’ section of W.A. Production will cover a large number of sample packs of genres ranging from Dubstep and Future House to Hardstyle and Country. Make sure to check it out as W.A. Production releases their 7GB sized Free Anniversary Collection Vol.6 bundle, containing construction kits, presets, and samples & loops.

5. NASA Audio Collection

Looking for the best NASA audio samples? NASA Audio Collection contains real recordings from the Apollo missions, Space Shuttles, and the Space Station. Over 3500 crazy samples are stored here ready to drag and drop into your next production.

6. Freesound

This online forum will offer free samples uploaded by other musicians. Expect sounds ranging from textures and drums to vocals and FX. A small description is included for every sound, as well as information about the recording itself.

7. SampleSwap

SampleSwap lets you explore the best samples, labeled by name and BMP. This 9.4 GB sized sample library is containing percussions, loops from songs, FX, and much more at 44.1 kHz and 16-bit formats.

8. Cymatics

Cymatics is a well-known online sample library within the dance music scene. Get access to thousands of high-quality free samples, and presets. Expect drum kits, MIDI files, vocals, textures, and FX. Make sure to complete the form to receive your license agreement in order to use any of the free packs.

9. SampleSound

SampleSound is offering artist sample packs, music production tutorials, mixing & mastering services, and free sample packs. Have a look at the Free Sample Pack section to download the best Tech House, Techno, Trap, and Vocal samples.

10. Reddit – Drumkits

This Reddit community contains over 200,000 members who are uploading free sample packs each day. Expect self-made or sampled drums suitable for every genre. Not all the sample packs are royalty-free so you might want to check the details of each sample pack before downloading.

11. Reddit – FreeSounds

On this SubReddit page, you’ll find free plugins, soundbanks, FX, and synths. Be inspired by the creations of others ranging from MIDI files, complete sample packs, one-shots, unique presets, and plugins.

12. Reddit – NewLoops

Get hold of various NewLoops sample packs including free sounds. These sample packs are ranging from HipHop construction kits, and Trap 808s to EDM synth loops, and Deep House kick drums.

13. Reddit – Samplesforall

Searching for an old drum machine sample, a gritty hip-hop bass, or an acoustic guitar loop? This subreddit called Samplesforall will be regularly posting free samples, suitable for every producer.

14. Reddit – FreeSamples

Join the discussion about music production, share your favorite sample, or download the best samples made or gathered by others. These samples will be suitable for Hip-Hop, RnB, and Trap.

15. Sound Packs

Sound Packs are offering free drum kits, preset libraries, synth loops, and melody MIDI packs. There are 22 pages filled with unique and high-quality sample packs ready to be used in your next production.


Q: Why should I use free music samples?

A: Free music samples can be a great resource for musicians, producers, and composers, especially those on a tight budget or just starting out. They provide a vast array of sounds and can inspire new ideas, save time, and enhance the overall quality of a musical project.

Q: Are free music samples legal to use?

A: Yes, free music samples are legal to use as long as they are properly licensed for royalty-free usage. However, it’s essential to read and understand the terms and conditions of each sample pack or website to ensure compliance with the licensing agreement.

Q: How can I ensure the quality of free music samples?

A: While many free music sample websites offer high-quality resources, it’s always a good idea to listen to the samples carefully and ensure they meet your standards. Pay attention to factors such as sound quality, bit depth, and file format compatibility with your digital audio workstation (DAW).

Q: Are there any risks associated with using free music samples?

A: While free music samples can be a valuable resource, there are some potential risks to be aware of. These may include copyright infringement (if samples are used improperly), low-quality or incompatible files, and the possibility of viruses or malware if samples are downloaded from untrusted sources.

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