Best Live Instrument Sample Packs in 2023

Incorporating live performances into digital music productions has been an industry-standard process since the introduction of the very first DAW. As modern technology comes close to the end result of synthesizers and live bands, it still hasn’t been able to catch the exact feeling of sonic warmth, character, and human touch that comes with it. It becomes easier and more accessible to record live instruments and uses them in your music productions. Down below you’ll find the best live instrument sample packs in 2023 that help you in making your tracks sound more organic.


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Best Live Instrument Sample Packs


1. Vocal Instrumental Funk Soul by Audentity Records

Audentity Records gathered the best musical- and vocal loops of the ’70s and modern times combined. This Funk & Soul sample pack lets you discover interesting combinations of funky and soulful guitars, pianos, and female vocal lines. Expect musical sections such as a verse, chorus, pre-chorus, and bridges. Included within are 30 song starters, 65 instrumental loops, 173 vocal samples. A total of 268 files are included and are 100% royalty-free. Definitely, one of the best live instrument sample packs when it comes to adding Funk music touches to your tracks.



2. Live Percussion Breaks Vol. 3 by RARE Percussion

These raw percussion samples are recorded from live sessions and have already been pre-mixed, achieving a more suitable addition to your productions. Colorful percussion loops from the ’70s are included such as bells, shakers, congas, bongos, djembes, sticks, brushes, and much more. Categorize your search by loops & one-shots, BPM, key, and instrument. These samples are accessible through Splice. One of the best live percussion sample packs in 2022.


3. 802 Essential Bongo Loops & Hits

The 802 Essential Bongo Loops & Hits pack includes 720 live bongo loops and 82 single hits, perfectly synced to 128, 140, 160, and 175 BPM, making them suitable for all genres. These loops are played by a professional session percussionist and offer a natural feel and rhythm, with variations that include fills and different playing styles. The pack also includes bonus single hits that can be used to create new loops or add to existing ones to change the rhythm and groove.


4. Erb N Dub – Live DNB Drum Breaks

The Audio Animals mastering studio has re-mastered 57 drum breaks to bring out their clarity and fullness, taking them to a whole new level of power and punch. Along with these re-mastered drum breaks, there are five different drum kits, each with its unique tone and texture, and over 20 different cymbals. The recording of 20 different snares, both expensive and cheap, allows for a pack that is unique and versatile throughout, with the ability to create a sound that can be gritty and edgy or clean and expensive. Definitely one of the best sample packs for live snares and DNB drums.



5. Keys of Fate by 2DEEP

This Hip-Hop collection of piano beats holds up to a grail of electronic drums, 808s, and pianos used in productions together with artists such as Rick Ross, 50 Cent, and Fetty Wap. 2Deep has over 15 years of musical experience within the Hip-Hop scene. He crafted a special sample pack including 5 construction kits, 85 wav loops, 28 one-shots, and 19 MIDI files.


6. Latin Stacks Live Resampled Vol. 2 by Capsun ProAudio

This second volume of Capsun ProAudio’s Latin Stacks continues to build on the most iconic sounds from the Latin music culture. Every sound undergoes special treatment through pitch & time-stretching, saturation, and chopping, suitable for a broad range of genres including Trap, EDM, and Hip-Hop. This sample pack holds up to 444 samples including brass & woodwinds, keys, electric guitars, pianos, vocals, percussions, horns, shakers, riffs, and even complete music files.


7. Sacred Instruments – Handpan Vol. 2 by Gio Israel

Handpan Vol. 2 is a collection of ritualistic sounds of the 2 metal-shelled handpan, performed by Dan Schachter. Have a listen to the demo to get a better understanding of the metallic tones of this instrument. Its recordings are divided into multiple categories such as riffs, rolls, rhythm, muted, and hand drums. Every single sound is BPM & key-labeled and described by multiple categories.


8. Live Room by Origin Sound

Live Room is a starter sample pack to get inspired for your next musical idea. Bring yourself into a certain mood by using jazz guitars, soothing chords, airy pads, and dreamy synths. These 232 included live instruments that add character and depth to your track. Lost of inspiration? Don’t worry, as Origin Sound included complete music samples for you to use or to gather inspiration from.


9. Devon Stixx Taylor: Essential drum loops and shots by Jammcard Samples

Devon Stixx Taylor is a passionate drummer and has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world such as Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, and Chrisette Michelle. His performances are recorded in the world-famous United Recording Studio A, based in Los Angeles. Choose the right fill, groove, snare, vocal, clap, crash, snare, or kick out of this 223 file-sized sample pack.


10. Fireplace 3 by Perlham & Junior

The 3rd volume of the Fireplace sample packs is inspired by warm and soulful music from the ’60s/’70s. Included within are 12 melodic loops and 67 one-shots, categorized into chords, guitars, keys, vocals, synths, strings, leads, and percussions. Use Fireplace 3 as a great sonic layer for your chords and FX and add an instant vibe to your music productions.


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