best lofi sample packs in 2021 for music producers

Best Lofi Sample Packs in 2022 for Music Producers

Lofi is an effect that can be defined by the imperfections introduced while recording. Elements such as misplayed notes and tape hiss are undesirable in a professional context, however have been creatively used in recent times. In modern music productions, we try to achieve the most professional end product possible. Avoiding imperfections is one of the most important parts of music production, but this non-humanization way of approaching a song will block the authentic feeling and emotion that comes with it. Lofi music has significantly gained traction over the past couple of years and is constantly growing. Since there are so many lofi sample packs available we have done the research for you and found the 6 best Lofi sample packs in 2022 for music producers.


Best Lofi Sample Packs in 2022 for Music Producers


  1. Ultimate Lofi Bundle
  2. Ultimate Melodic Library
  3. Lofi Soul Keys
  4. Mellow Mornings – Lofi Vibes
  5. Ambient Motion
  6. Remember – Lofi
  7. 3AM – Lofi Hip-Hop & Bedroom Beats
  8. Lofi Lullabies
  9. HAU – Lofi pockets vol 1 feat Xander Clementé
  10. Bedroom Beats & Lofi Hip-Hop


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1. Ultimate Lofi Bundle

This 3.67 GB sized bundle contains over 1,100 Lofi sounds. Included within are 3 of the best lofi sample packs: Vaporwave Essentials, Lofi Hip Hop Volume 2, and Lofi Hip Hop containing the best one-shots, loops, drums, vocals, and FX. Get your hands on a collection of lounge inspired Lofi nostalgia. You can get the bundle for 25% off with code “WERAVEYOU” on checkout.


2.Ultimate Melodic Library

Craft your own harmonies, unique melodies, and rhythms while using the 267 included files. Ultimate Melodic Library contains a large number of one-shots, complete melodies, MIDI files, and loops that are key -, and BPM labeled. Find the right inspiration to build your next Downtempo, Lofi, House, Techno, Drum & Bass, or Dubstep song. You can get the bundle for 25% off with code “WERAVEYOU” on checkout.


3.Lofi Soul Keys

These Urban, and Lofi Hip Hop samples are specially crafted to strengthen your melodies, chords, and harmonies. Inside you’ll find 149 Lofi synth loops, 161 piano loops, 40 chopped melodic loops, and MIDI files to create unique songs. Lofi Soul Keys sample pack includes 10 extra drum samples taken from the sample packs West Coast Hip Hop and Sunset Tech House as well. Check out the sample pack in action via the buy here button down below.


4. Mellow Mornings – Lofi Vibes

Mellow Mornings contains the most organic lofi loops, stems, and synths to give you a spark of inspiration and creativity. This ultimate Lofi pack combines organic elements together with modern processed elements to achieve the most professional product every made.



5.Ambient Motion

Ambient Motion introduces a huge amount of lush downbeats and soundscapes. If you’re looking for downbeat drum loops, pads, rhythmic percussions, dreamy synths, and deep basses then look no further. Finish every song with the 401 included high-quality Lofi samples of Ambient Motion. Check out the sample pack demo and content via the buy now button down below.


6.Remember – Lofi

Remember is a unique Lofi pack inspired by artists such as bsd.u, and Jar Jar Jr. Expect nothing but old-school pianos, keys, drums, and bass loops. Every sound out of the 69 samples are ranked by type, BPM, key, and tag to achieve a faster workflow. Definitely one of the best lofi sample packs out there.


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