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10 Best Multiband Compressor VST plugins in 2023

Compression is the demonstration of diminishing the dynamic scope of a sound source to make the normal volume stronger. Compression can shape sounds, change their tone, control drifters, and make sounds stronger by diminishing the most intense levels and intensifying the calmest levels. A more advanced form of compression is multiband compression which cleaves the frequency spectrum toward separate bands. This permits a more extended assault time for the low band of that bass drum to punch through while keeping a shorter assault time in a higher band to hold the mid-range frequencies under wraps. The advantages of multiband compression are perpetual. The best way to find out what multiband compression can really make is to start working with some of the this-kind-of plugins. We have prepared a list of ten of the best multiband compressor plugins, and all of them are listed and described below!


10 Best multiband compressor VST plugins


1. Sonible smart:comp 2 – € 129,00 

Smart:comp 2 is the newly furnished version of the smart:comp that came out in 2019. The latest addition has tons of interesting new features along with a massive upgrade to the AI performance of the plugin. Smart: comp 2 comes with 31 new profiles to start with as compared to 9 in the first version. The plugin has a much cleaner and more interactive user interface. There are tons of interesting features in the plugin such as the mid/side compression, eight different settings to try out side by side, gain reduction meter etc. Definitely one of the best compressors out there equipped with modern technology and useful features.




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2. FabFilter Pro-MB$169.00

FabFilter’s Pro-MB main weapons are Dynamic Phase filtering – there’s no phase shift unless dynamic processing is actually taking place, but there’s also no latency or pre-ringing, and a new approach – plugin enables you to create a new band at the frequency range you want to work on. Its key features are also: multiband display, processing mode for Linear Phase, high-quality audio processing algorithms, perfectly tuned knobs, and a lot more.



3. Waves C6 Multiband Compressor$59.99

For quite a long time, the C4 has been the most loved multiband compressor of producers and mixing engineers the world over, and in live solid, it has immediately become an unquestionable requirement for music producers. To make the C6, Waves took the proven elements of the C4, and included two extra skimming groups in addition to a sidechain highlight, for one-stop vocal and instrument molding.




4. UAD Precision Multiband – €249.00

The Precision Multiband module for UAD-2 equipment and Apollo interfaces is a technical mastering device that provides five spectral bands of energetic range control. Compression, amplify, or gate can be chosen individually for each of the 5 bands for unparalleled elasticity, and the plug-in’s simple controls make it the perfect tool for the novice, as well as the seasoned mastering sound engineer. You can use Precision Multiband for literally everything, from control of dynamics to de-essing.



5. iZotope Ozone 10 – $499.00

iZotope Ozone 10 is a flattering all-in-one high-class mastering system, intended to provide all the tools you need to produce professional-quality masters. With Ozone, which has a well-developed Maximizer, Dynamic EQ, Vintage Limiter & Compressor, you can stick a mix together, add rich character, and control flush range. Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase Ozone 10 – the latest and most extensive version of Ozone.




6. Vengeance Sound Multiband Compressor$119.00

Vengeance Sound’s product is an ideal choice for a punchy, harsh but yet dynamic mix; you may also use it to create special effects elevating sound to a completely another, higher level! You have the option to choose between 1 band, 2, 3 up to 4 band mode, and experience high-quality filters without any issues in the phasing plane. Multiband Compressor has also a realtime FFT analyzer, anti-distortion filters, graphical Ratio, optional autogain, & four independent compressors!




7. SSL G Series Bus Compressor – $29.99

The Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, which is based on the famed master buss center compressor of the SSL 4000 G console, reproduces the distinctive sound of the original’s IC input and twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design. The SL 4000 G master buss centre compressor, prized by renowned engineers for its ability to “glue together” songs, is perfect for controlling piano dynamics or giving drums and percussion more punch. You can now own the ultimate finalizer, which turns a mix into a polished album, right in the box.




8. Brainworx bx_digital V3 – $299.00

The first Mid/Side equalization plugin to be sold commercially is the bx digital by Brainworx. Fully parametric filters with dual mono, stereo, and M/S modes are included in this 11-band EQ. For mastering work, it offers a stereo widener, a mid/side decoder, the innovative “Mono Maker” summing tool, spectrum-balancing Bass and Presence Shifters, and sophisticated monitoring and metering options. The most recent version of bx digital, V3, introduces even more tools, such as a new Dynamic EQ module, API-style Proportional Q filters, notch filters, an enlarged high-frequency band, and even more adaptable Bass and Presence Shifters to assist in revealing the hidden elements in your mixes.




9. McDSP MC2000 – $149.00

MC2000 mimics the sounds of both vintage and modern-day compressors. It is comprised of 3 plugins: MC202 (two-band compression), MC303 (three-band compression), and MC404. It provides total control over multi-band dynamic compression to the user. Unusual and unparalleled articulation of compression characteristics is possible because of non-standard Knee and BITE controls. Flexibility previously only possible by owning a number of compression units is now provided by having a variety of peak detection circuit types.




10. DMG Audio Compassion – $183.00

DMG Audio Compassion is known for its advanced dynamic processing capabilities, which allow users to easily control the level and balance of different elements in a mix. Compassion features a unique compression algorithm that is designed to provide a natural, transparent sound, and it also includes a variety of advanced controls, such as sidechain filtering, stereo linking, and automatic makeup gain. Additionally, Compassion also includes a built-in loudness metering system, which can help ensure that a mix meets industry standards for loudness and dynamic range. Overall, DMG Audio Compassion is a powerful and versatile tool that can greatly enhance the quality of any audio mix.





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