8 Best Piano VST Plugins in 2023 for Music Producers

Looking to enhance your music production with the expressive and timeless sound of a piano? Look no further than our list of the 8 best piano VST plugins in 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned music producer or just starting out, these virtual instruments offer unparalleled realism and versatility, bringing the rich tones of grand pianos, upright pianos, and electric pianos straight to your digital audio workstation. From pristine recordings to customizable features, these plugins will ignite your creativity and elevate your compositions to new heights. Join us as we explore the top piano VST plugins that are making waves in the music production world in 2023.


Real Pianos vs Piano VST Plugins

This debate has been going on for quite some time as to what you should prefer and which of the two is superior. There are millions of real piano for sale available and each has its own characteristic tone. It’s impossible to have a software version of each of the existing pianos however the piano vst plugins have tons of variants available to help you get a professional sounding tone. With a MIDI keyboard you can have the same amount of modulations on the VST version as you can on a real piano. There are pros and cons to both real pianos & piano vst plugins however based on what feature & functionality has higher priority for you, you can make the decision between the two.

Since there are so many piano software versions available including the free ones we have done the research for you and shortlisted 7 of the best piano VST plugins in 2023 for music producers & singer/songwriters. Also, we have included some great free piano plugins at the end of the article.



Best Piano VST Plugins of 2023 


  1. Toontrack EZKeys 2
  2. Heavyocity Mosaic Keys
  3. Addictive Keys: Studio Grand
  4. Arturia Piano V2
  5. Alicia Keys 
  6. Native Instruments Noire 
  7. Spitfire Hans Zimmer Piano
  8. Addictive Keys: Mark One


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1. Toontrack EZKeys 2

Toontrack EZkeys 2 is a revolutionary piano plugin that transcends conventional tools. With a fully resizable interface, innovative features like Bandmate and Tap2Find, and a versatile grand piano sound library, EZkeys 2 serves as a comprehensive songwriting tool and creative hub. Its onboard grid editor enables precise fine-tuning, while mix-ready presets cater to various musical styles. The inclusion of a comprehensive MIDI library and the Suggest Chords feature provides endless inspiration. EZkeys 2’s innovative business model includes a meticulously recorded Fazioli F212 grand piano core sound library. Available for 179 Euros, it’s a must-have for musicians and music producers.




2. Mosaic Keys

Mosaic Keys is a perfect combination between the warmth of electric keys and the organic moving sound design to keep you creative while writing a song. This Kontakt instrument contains over 5 GB of piano content including 180 snapshot presets crafted by the Heavyocity team. Use Mosaic Keys to add body, warmth, presence, brightness, and air to your instrument section. One of the most lush piano vst plugins available on the market in 2023.




3. Addictive Keys: Studio Grand

Studio Grand plugin is a perfect recreation of the classic Steinway Model D concert grand piano and is well known for its character and unique sound. Presets range from open and natural to processed and unique sound design. Recorded at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation by using the following famous microphones: Neumann M269, Coles 4038, RCA 6203, Neumann M250, Neumann M269, and Sela T25. Studio Grand lets you explore the various possible sounds you need to strengthen the foundation of your song and be unique in every way. One of the most value-for-money piano vst plugins in 2023.




4. Arturia Piano V2

Piano V2 is the flagship piano vst plugin of Arturia’s V Collection containing the essence of a real piano sound you are seeking for. Included within are 12 major piano variants, such as a Concert Grand, Pop Grand, Jazz Upright, Japanese Grand, and many more. The 88 factory presets can be shaped to your liking and are perfectly suitable for every genre. Change the room and recording setup to your taste and start recording.




5. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is one of the popular piano vst plugin libraries and it is one because of a reason. This instrument contains 6.9 GB of content including 3000 individual samples with 12 velocity layers. Adjust the room, keys, pedal, resonance, and noise the way you want to. This piano is perfect for pop, RnB, or dance music creation.


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6. Noire 

Noire is the virtual replica of Nils Frahm’s concert grand, sampled in a legendary space. Recorded in the Bauhaus-designed Funkhaus recording complex to capture this unique piano, handpicked by the artist, custom intonated, and augmented with a felt damper. Containing a new integrated engine called ‘Noire Engine’ will treat space and time differently to explore new possibilities. This piano vst is a bit expensive but the quality of the instrument is just exquisite.



7. Hans Zimmer Piano

This ultimate piano library contains some of the sounds Hans has been using in his film scores. This Oscar-winning composer worked together with Spitfire Audio to record the in-house grand piano at the Hall at AIR Studios, one of the best scoring stages in the world. Get a hold of one of the best piano vst plugins in the world.



8. Addictive Keys: Mark One

XLN Audio developed this special virtual electric piano by running the signal through a vintage tube combo amp and recording it through rare vintage mics for a sublime sound. Mark One is an exact replica of a Fender Rhodes Mk piano because of its warmth and intimacy. Be amazed by the sound variations ranging from a smooth chord progression to gritty solo melodies that cut through the densest mix.




Best FREE Piano VST Plugins

1. Spitfire Labs Soft Piano 

2. Ivy Audio Piano in 162

3. DSK The Grand


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