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Best Plugin Sales for Music Producers: May 2023

From innovative mixing and mastering tools to creative instruments and effects, we have found some great deals that will help you save money while elevating your sound production. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, these plugins are sure to enhance your music-making experience. So without further ado, let’s dive into the top plugins sales for May 2023!


1. Toontrack EZKeys 2 [Trending!]


Toontrack has released EZkeys 2, a revolutionary piano plugin that goes beyond conventional tools. Serving as a comprehensive songwriting tool and creative hub, EZkeys 2 offers a fully resizable interface and innovative features like Bandmate and Tap2Find. With a versatile grand piano sound library and an extensive MIDI collection covering various genres and styles, EZkeys 2 simplifies the process of writing, playing, and creating captivating piano tracks. Its onboard grid editor allows for precise fine-tuning, while mix-ready presets cater to different musical styles. The inclusion of a comprehensive MIDI library and the Suggest Chords feature provide endless inspiration and songwriting possibilities. EZkeys 2’s innovative business model also includes a remarkable core sound library featuring the meticulously recorded Fazioli F212 grand piano, ensuring a realistic and versatile piano sound. Currently available for 179 Euros.




LALAL.AI – Drum Month Sale [Special Feature]

LALAL.AI is an advanced vocal remover and music source separation service that revolutionizes the process of stem extraction. With its precise and seamless approach, LALAL.AI allows users to effortlessly extract vocals, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks from audio files while maintaining the original quality. Users can begin with a complimentary trial to explore the capabilities of LALAL.AI and later choose to upgrade for enhanced file processing and faster results. The service offers different packages, including Lite, Pro, and Plus, each with specific limits on minutes and upload sizes. Furthermore, LALAL.AI goes beyond stem extraction by introducing Voice Cleaner, a feature designed to eliminate background music and noise from voice recordings, addressing vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other unwanted sounds. The Pro Pack and Plus Pack can be availed for 50% off this month.



2. BABY Audio BA-1

BABY Audio’s BA-1 synthesizer is a software emulation of the classic CS01 synthesizer, famously used by Swedish pop producers for its bubbly synth textures. The BA-1 captures the gritty sound of the original hardware while adding modern features such as analog-modeled oscillators, FM capability, and a 24dB low-pass filter with resonance. The BA-1 also includes a standout FX section inspired by 1980s rack effects and guitar pedals, offering a variety of options for shaping the synth’s character, including two shelving filters and an analog-modeled distortion with two modes. The BA-1 is a long-overdue software representation of a beloved piece of music history. Currently running on an intro sale of 51% discount and available for just $49.




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3. Applied Acoustics Systems Multiphonics CV-2

AAS, the Montreal-based digital instrument brand, is known for its popular synths and FX plugins, and now their renowned plugin, Multiphonics, has been upgraded to a new version, Multiphonics CV-2. The plugin has been enhanced with new stereo capabilities, audio input processing features, a new browser for efficient navigation, and a scalable UI for improved workflow. It includes 15 new modules and 150 new synth and effect patches, designed by 15 patch designers, and can be used as an effect processor in your preferred DAW. The modules cover a wide range of categories for both synths and effects, ensuring diversity and effectiveness. Currently available for $99 as compared to the usual price of $149 for a limited time.



4. Fabfilter IMSTA Sale

FabFilter, renowned for its high-quality audio plugins, presents the FabFilter IMSTA Sale, offering an opportunity to enhance your creative toolkit at a discounted price. With a generous 25% off selected bundles and plugins, this limited-time promotion includes the FabFilter Essentials Bundle, Pro-C2, Pro-L2, Pro-R, and Timeless 3. The Essentials Bundle combines essential mixing and mastering tools, while the Pro-C2 provides precise control over audio dynamics. The Pro-L2 ensures optimal loudness levels, and the Pro-R delivers realistic reverberation effects. Lastly, the Timeless 3 offers versatile tape delay capabilities. Upgrade your production setup and save with FabFilter’s exceptional plugins during this exclusive sale.



5. Reveal Sound Spire 

Spire is a versatile and powerful polyphonic software synthesizer that offers a wide range of features for sound enthusiasts. It features 4x multimode polymorphing oscillators that can produce different types of sounds, including Classic, Noise, FM, AMSync, SawPWM, HardFM, and Vowel. The synthesizer also offers 9x unison voices on each oscillator, which can be spread by chords and octaves to imitate supersaw and hypersaw sounds. With over 1000 factory presets Spire provides a comprehensive library of complex arpeggios, bass sequences, leads, pads, plucks, drums, and FXs. The graphical interface of Spire ensures unparalleled usability for musicians. Currently available for 50% off.


6. Heavyocity Vocalise 3

Vocalise 3 is a deeply emotive and atmospheric vocal library that offers an unparalleled vocal experience. With 7GB of ethereal vocal content, the library captures the beauty, intimacy, and power of human vocals in organic phrases, abstract whispers, and haunting soundscapes. The library features a variety of complementary rhythmic and breathy loop performances that can be used to add moving vocal elements or create unique textures. Additionally, Vocalise 3 offers major and minor modes in four different keys and tempo-synced melodic phrases that can be tuned to the key of your choice. The library was recorded in Heavyocity’s NY studio and processed by their sound design team, resulting in an inspiring instrument that pushes the boundaries of cinematic vocal production.



7. Pulsar 8200

Pulsar 8200 is a high-quality emulation of the renowned GML 8200 parametric EQ, designed by George Massenburg. It replicates the original machine’s solid low end, crystalline high end, and precise frequency spectrum control using all-discrete, Class-A analog electronics. Pulsar 8200’s parallel topology and unique filtering shapes provide intuitive and natural spectrum shaping with smooth curves and an “analog personality.” The plugin includes a complete on-screen curve editor and spectrum analyzer for an accurate overview of EQ changes and faster workflow. Additionally, the built-in de-esser can help remove sibilance and harshness while controlling high-frequency transients for a polished result. Currently available for 40% off.


8. iZotope May Sale 

From May 9 to May 24, 2023, iZotope is offering exclusive discounts on their acclaimed products, including Ozone 10, RX Elements, Neoverb, and more. The May sale provides customers with discounts of up to 94% off on these products. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in purchasing high-quality iZotope products at significantly reduced prices. Don’t miss out on this exclusive deal!


9. Moogerfooger Effects Plugin Bundle Sale

Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins allow for the integration of the classic Moog analogue effects pedals into the modern digital audio workstation environment. Bob Moog and his engineering team designed the pedals in the late 1990s and 2000s as direct descendants of the original Moog modular synthesizers, adapting them to process, modulate, and play with various audio sources. The seven effects have been recreated to maintain the lush, distinctive tones of the original analogue circuits. With stereo functionality and an extended feature set, the plug-ins are customizable to tailor the Moogerfooger functionality to the digital creator’s needs, ready for automation and preset management. Currently available for 46% off



10. Sonible 10 year anniversary Sale 

Sonible is a renowned name in the audio industry and has gained popularity for its exceptional plugins. Their smart:EQ 3 plugin, utilizing AI technology, is designed to detect and correct problematic frequencies automatically. Another plugin of theirs, entropy:EQ+, offers unique spectral balancing capabilities. The plugins from Sonible are renowned for their effectiveness and ease of use, making them a favorite among audio professionals. Their modern and cutting-edge algorithms have proven to be extremely beneficial in improving the mixing and mastering process. At present, their plugins are available at discounts of up to 70%.



11. Softube Model 80 Intro Sale

Softube has released their Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer with an introductory sale. The Model 80 was the industry-defining five-voice polyphonic synthesizer from 1980, with the distinction of being the first synth with a digital microprocessor to control the analog polyphonic synth engine and store sounds. Softube expertly modeled this synth for an authentic sound, feel, and performance of the original unit, even down to the 40 original factory presets. The Model 80 comes with two versions, the instrument, and five modules for modular, offering authentic analog and organic sound.

12. Klevgrand May Sale

Klevgrand, a Stockholm-based audio plugin company and creative studio, is offering up to 47% discounts on a range of their plugins in an exclusive sale. Klevgrand’s team comprises musicians, software developers, music producers, and sound designers. Some of the top plugins to grab in the sale include the Korvpressor compressor, Pipa synth, and Skaka drum machine. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your hands on these high-quality tools for music production. The plugins are up to 51% off.

That’s all for our best plugin sales for music producers: May 2023 edition. We’ll keep you updated as new deals pop up so make sure to check this list regularly!

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