The best plugins to overcome writer's block as a musician

The best plugins to overcome writer’s block as a musician

What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is an unpleasant problem that affects almost every musician at some point in their career, as well as people who do creative work such as graphic design. Most often, writer’s block manifests as bouts of anxiety about one’s future and one’s profession and moments of self-doubt. This problem has a way of making you unable to unleash your flow of ideas and make any key progressions despite your best efforts. Sometimes you’re stuck on one piece for days, sometimes weeks, and you have absolutely no idea what’s wrong or why you’re not moving forward – this is called writer’s block. Below we put a list of seven of the best plugins to overcome writer’s block as a musician.

7 best plugins to overcome writer’s block as a musician:

1. RX 8 Standard

RX 8 Standard is a set of audio restoration and cleaning tools, ideal for extracting acapellas and instrumentals. With RX 8, you can balance your mix, dispel noise, correct dialogue with surgical precision, and refine your recordings. With Music Rebalance, the plug-in intelligently identifies audio tracks in the mix for independent gain adjustment and gives you the ability to easily resuscitate the mix and remove and isolate vocals. In case of a writer’s block, you are mostly looking for an inspiration and with RX 8’s ability to isolate vocals and instrumental out of any track it can be a great breakthrough.



2. W.A Production InstaScale

InstaScale is a new invention which is an instrument consisting of only 16 playing keys that are smart and can play different notes. How can you beat a writer’s block using InstaScale? Its basis is to do everything in a different, non-standard way by first learning the rules, then breaking them, and creating interesting chords and MIDI. The plugin can inspire you to take a milestone forward and create a new concept for you.


3. Xfer Records Cthulhu 

Called “The Chord and Arp Monster” by Xfer Records, Cthulhu is chord memorization and playback plugin. As a result, you can beat your writer’s block by recalling your older chord, which may prove to be a breakthrough if you move forward. Cthulhu lets you experiment while creating and reworking chord progressions with single clicks, and its library includes more than 150 presets. Its second feature is an arpeggiator function that lets you manipulate passing notes and chords in multiple ways. Check out the in depth review of the plugin down below.



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4. Wide Blue Sound ELYSIUM

ELYSIUM has probably the most powerful FX section on the plugins market – more than 30 stompboxes, amplifiers, reverbs, chorus-based effect, over three hundred different presets, and 600+ reverbs with more than twenty categories. In short, ELYSIUM is a two-layer synthesizer with unparalleled tonal rhythms and unparalleled playability, which skillfully combines live instruments with the most iconic synths. It can create some interesting arps for you providing you enough inspiration to get over your writer’s block. Check out our in depth review of the plugin here.


5. W.A Production MIDIQ

One of the best plugins for killing writer’s block. Why? MIDIQ is used to run chord sequence concepts, bass lines, and harmonies with virtually unlimited possibilities. It uses a pattern language to define repeating chords, and its slot machine-like layout contributes to its ease of movement. To be honest, you don’t need any music production background to get some crazy results from MIDIQ.



6. Output Portal

Ever wondered how the sounds in your favorite songs that seem to be from another dimension were created? It’s very likely that the songwriter used PORTAL because its granular synthesis creates sounds that are not of this world. With this plugin, you can transform your music and sounds into infinite ideas while enjoying them thanks to the resynthesis that reconstructs them. More than 250 presets for instant playability and helping you get over your Writer’s block.



7. Plugin Boutique Scaler 2

Looking for new ideas, musical expressions, or inspiring melodies? Scaler 2 is the workstation for you. The plug-in will instantly determine what key and scale you are currently in and suggest chords that will fit perfectly into your music. How is it possible? Scaler 2 features powerful MIDI/audio detection and perfect expressions. Let your intuition take over in a fun way and beat your writer’s block today. Check out the plugin in action down below.



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