best studio headphones for music production

Best Studio Headphones for Music Production in 2022

Once stepping into the world of music production, you’ll see many artists working in overwhelming studios that are specially built to achieve the most honest sound. Not everyone has the luxury to work in a place like that, and that’s why there is this great alternative. Studio headphones will give you a clear representation of a professional studio without having to build your own. Down below you’ll find a list of the 10 best studio headphones available for music production.


Best Studio Headphones for Music Production


1: Sennheiser HD650

The HD650 is an open-back dynamic headphone, containing an incredible frequency response: 12 Hz – 41 kHz. This lightweight headphone only introduces a total of <0.05% of harmonic distortion and will come really close to the most honest sound. Its damping element is made out of fine acoustic metal mesh to improve the sound quality and firmness of the housing. The Sennheiser HD650 has a little boost around 200 Hz and a steep dip at 10 kHz but overall, it has a neutral sound. The HD650 is currently available at a price of €459, and is definitely one of our top picks for best studio headphones this year.


2: Audio Technica ATH-M50x

This over-ear headphone is specially built for gaming and music production. Its closed-back design will isolate you from the rest of the world, to maintain your concentration, while listening to a broad frequency range from 15 Hz up to 28 kHz. It’s made out of hard plastic, to withstand the rough way of working in the studio, and you’ll be able to turn both earpads 180º. The ATH-50x’s are one of the most popular headphones among music producers, due to their value for money. M50x also allows you to plug, turn and secure your 1,2 m cable when working in the studio or use the 3 m cable while performing. The M50x is currently available at a price of €149,- in black or purple.


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3: Sennheiser HD 800 S

In contrast to the classic HD 800, this modern successor has improved a lot on its design and sound reproduction. It contains an open, circumaural design, specially developed to represent a natural and true listening environment. The large earpads will cover and isolate your ears to improve acoustics. Its design is made out of a combination between metal and plastic and is pretty robust as well. Connect the 2 included 6,3 mm-jack cables to your headphone in order to get the high accuracy it produces. The HD 800 S is available at a price of €1,599. These are better than the Sennheiser HD 650 listed above however come at a much steeper price.


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4: Audio Technica ATH-R70x

Second headphone from Audio Technica that makes it to our list of best studio headphones list. R70x is the higher version of the above-mentioned R50x. This professional open-back headphone is designed to improve long-lasting comfort through its soft earpads. You’ll be able to hear every little detail, starting at 5 Hz up to 40 kHz. The ATH-R70x has a stylish design, is lightweight (220 grams), and contains 2 unique Y-shaped locking cables. This special headband is made out of 2 separate bands, instead of 1, to make sure the headphone will adjust even more to your likings. Unlike the ATH-M50x, it’s containing 2 locking cables that cause less interference. This headphone is currently available at a price of €349.



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5: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

The DT 990 Pro is the latest product of Beyerdynamic’s DT series. This open circumaural studio headphone is specially crafted for mixing, mastering, and editing. Its over-ear design will make sure you can work in full concentration. The spring steel headband strengthens the firmness of the headphone, while the single-sided cable allows you to put it on or off without any problems. The 990 Pro contains a boost around 200 Hz and a few peaks and dips in the high-end. This headphone comes with a solid fixed cable that can be annoying if you want to switch to a smaller or longer cable. It’s currently available at a price of €130.08 (from €160.33) which is a great price for what you get.


6: AKG K702

AKG has been pushing the boundaries while developing this K702 studio headphone. They’ve added a patented varimotion two-layered diaphragm that improved the high-frequency range, as well as the low-frequency range. It contains a leather headband to improve comfortability, which makes it perfect to use for every occasion that requires detailed listening. Every AKG K702 is individually tested and serial-numbered. Its design looks a bit old-fashioned, in comparison to our other headphones. The frequency response displays a slight boost around 200/300 Hz and some large peaks at 2/3 kHz and 8/9 kHz. The AKG K702 is currently available for $365. 



7: Sony WH-1000XM4

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is a wireless headphone and is the only wireless headphone included in our best studio headphones list. It contains a Sony HD noise-canceling processor and a speak-to-chat feature. It has over 30 hours of battery life which makes it possible to work anywhere, anytime. Sony kept the design simple, with a matte appearance, and achieved a sound quality as close as possible to the quality of a cable connection. The fact that this headphone is wireless comes in very handy. You don’t have to fight with the cable anymore or search for it when it’s lost. The XM4 is available at a price of €380,-.



8: Shure SRH840

This studio headphone is specially made for engineers and music producers to achieve the best result possible. It has a closed-back circumaural design and comfortable pads for the head and ears to take on those long-lasting hours of work. Fold your SH840 together, put it in your carrying pouch, and be able to work at any spot. The accessories included are ear cushions, 4″ adapter, carrying pouch, replacement cable, and the actual 2,5 m headphone cable. Shure’s design is made out of strong plastic, just like the Audio Technica ATH-M50x. It is currently available at a price of $119 (from $149).


9: Audeze LCD 2

The LCD 2 headphone has been brought back to the basics to maintain the same purpose and quality as the LCD series. It maintained the same iconic warmth, powerful low-end, and rich treble as we all know them for. Included in the headphone package are a travel case, XLR mini cable, and a warranty card. Enjoy its listening experience, ranging from 10Hz up to 50Khz. The headband and both earpads are made out of high-quality leather and can be bought with or without. Its stylish design speaks for itself, as it’s the prettiest of them all, due to its wooden housing. The LCD 2 has some dips between 2 kHz / 10 kHz but contains a flat frequency response overall. It’s currently available at a steep price of $995. If budget isn’t an issue for you, LCD 2 is definitely the way to go.



10: Blue Mix-Fi 

Mix-Fi contains 3 analog amp modes that control the frequency range on how you monitor your performances or recordings. This Blue headphone has a frequency range from 15 Hz – 20 kHz and includes a soft case, 12-m audio cable, 3-m audio cable, 1-m USB charging cable, and an adapter. The Mix-Fi won the 2018 Emmy Awards for outstanding achievement in engineering development. Its unique design lets you adjust every little detail of the headphone to your likings. The Blue Mix-Fi is made out of hard plastic and will turn on or off once opening or closing. It’s currently available at a price of $299.99. If you have the opportunity to listen to multiple headphones, try them all and let the music speaks for itself.


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