This Award Winning Best Synth VST Plugin is currently available for 52% off this Black Friday

If you’re looking for an authentic analog synth plugin without breaking the bank, now is the time to grab u-he’s Diva synth vst plugin. The oscillators, filters, and envelopes closely model classic analog synths of the past, allowing you to mix and match components to build unique hybrid sounds. What really sets Diva apart is the sheer authenticity of the analog tone, thanks to real-time circuit simulation methods used during development.


The zero-delay feedback filters are a highlight, demonstrating the advantages of this groundbreaking approach when pushed to their limits. With over 1200 presets to explore, your computer will be put through its paces in “Divine” mode to fully experience Diva’s impressive sound.


Each filter type meticulously models a classic analog hardware filter, allowing you to choose from ladder, cascade, multi-mode, and more. The two envelopes also mimic vintage synths, with carefully modeled differences between amp and filter envelopes within the same synth.


The rack allows replacing modules, routing oscillators through various filters to envelopes. Effects like analog chorus, phaser, delay, and reverb provide vintage flair. Modifiers like rectify, quantize, lag, and invert open up creative options.


For a very limited time, you can grab Diva vst synth plugin for 52% off, bringing this powerhouse down to just $89. If you’re searching for the essence of those classic synths we all wish we owned, Diva delivers for a fraction of the cost.




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Image Credits: u-he


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