best synthwave and vaporwave sample packs

The Best Synthwave & Vaporwave sample packs in 2023

Synthwave and Vaporwave are some of the hottest music trends and the most popular representatives of the “wave” community, which has been active in the electronic scene for a good few years now but has only recently started to make its presence known more strongly to the mainstream world. Wave draws inspiration from music, video games, and films from the 80s and early 90s, often described as a melodic and emotionally focused part of bass music. Trance-like melodies can often be heard in synth-wave and vaporwave songs. Some of the more prolific producers in the wave scene are Skeler, enjoii, brothel, Heimanu, and Deadcrow. Along with the growing popularity of the genre, the number of people willing to create it is also growing, so we decided to help you by preparing the best synthwave & vaporwave sample packs list.


The best Synthwave & Vaporwave sample packs in 2023:


1. Cybersynth Sound Pack –  €49.14 

Cybersynth synthwave sample pack was created based on the world and vibes of the Cyberpunk game for music producers and filmmakers who like aggressive and dirty sounds associated with/inspired by the famous Night City. The sound pack consists of 20 full construction kits + stems with 700+ files, but it’s only a small part of the whole arsenal.



2. Sythwave Essentials – €15.98

Synthwave Essentials is a collection by Ghosthack full of atmospheric and retro synthwave electronic samples alongside loads of futuristic synthwave sounds and loops! The pack is perfect for producing retrowave, vaporwave, downtempo, ambient, and a lot of other electronic genres.



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3. Dreamland Vaporwave – €24.54

A powerful sound library (nearly 3 GB) containing everything you need to start/continue producing Vaporwave tracks. Unlike thousands of other packs, here you will find, among other things, dense tonal atmospheres and highly textured field recordings.

With the deep evolving nature of the sounds, mixed with the countless interesting texture combinations – it seems there is no end to where you can go with them. – Ghosthack


4. Simulation – Sounds for Synthwave and Vaporwave – €24.54 

Need 80s vintage sounds, funky bass, vintage drum machines, beautiful soundscapes, or cinematic melodies? Simulation gives you nearly 500 royalty-free files for synthwave & vaporwave productions!


5. Good Intentions – Synthwave Ableton Template – €19.90 

Production Music Live is selling full professional synthwave Ableton project with original vocals included for only €20. The whole song is inspired by music made by legendary names like Daft Punk & Justice. To have full ability to the project you only need Ableton Live 10 Standard and Xfer Serum!


6. BVKER’s Synthwave Samples & Presets – $40.00

BVKER has placed only the best source sounds from legendary drum machines by Linn, Roland, or E-Mu in this pack and surgically refined each sample using state-of-the-art processing equipment. As a result, the pack offers us more than a thousand sounds and files thanks to which you could become a master in sythwave or retrowave world.


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7. [Splice] Sample Magic – Synthwave

All samples are inspired straight from the synth-heavy soundtracks of the 80s and early 90s conveying all the energy of classic arcade games and movie soundtracks from those years. 800+ samples of classic machine drum beats, funky electro licks, dreamy synth excursions, emotive arpeggios, burbling basslines, and new wave riffs from a raft of classic analog machines are included in this pack. Loops are offered in 90, 100, and 120 bpm tempo groups. Definitely one of the best synth-wave sample packs out there.



8. [Splice] Sample Magic – Vaporwave

This sample pack by Sample Magic is a post-internet musical landscape full of lo-fi aesthetics and neon nostalgia moving between Future Funk and Trap to Synthwave and the 80s. Over 1.20GB of drum loops, synth keys, arpeggiated bass-lines, vocal grooves, & more.


9. Black Octopus Sound Analog Synthwave – $28.90

Black Octopus Sound has created a sample pack with which you would create a soundtrack for any 80s movies. You have everything here – from squelchy filters, retro drums, and modern synths, to FX/bass/music loops.


10. [Splice] Sample Magic – Retrowave 2

A perfect follow-up to the previously mentioned ‘Vaporwave‘ with great late-night grooves, cinematic melodies, uplifting pads, futuristic basslines, and emotive synths. Retrowave 2 is an ideal toolkit for multi-genre productions.


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