Home Tech 10 Best Vocal Sample Packs in 2024 | Loops – Acapellas & More
10 Best Vocal Sample Packs in 2024 | Loops – Acapellas & More
best vocal sample packs
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10 Best Vocal Sample Packs in 2024 | Loops – Acapellas & More

Home Tech 10 Best Vocal Sample Packs in 2024 | Loops – Acapellas & More

Vocal melodies and harmonies have long been an integral part of electronic music, providing a human element that complements the synthetic soundscapes created by synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments. From the early pioneers of electronic music to contemporary artists pushing the boundaries of the genre, the inclusion of vocals has allowed electronic music to connect with audiences on an emotional level. The interplay between electronic rhythms, intricate sound design, and the raw expression of the human voice has given rise to some of the most captivating and memorable compositions in the electronic music spectrum. Many producers face trouble finding and then contacting the right vocalist or their budget is often insufficient to establish cooperation. These are some reasons why we decided to prepare a list of the best vocal sample packs which definitely – no matter what genre you represent – will help you solve these and other vocal-type problems.


  1. Ultimate Acapella Collection by Ghosthack
  2. Ultimate Vocal Library 3 by Ghosthack
  3. Chillwave Vocals Vol 2
  4. Flowdan – Writer Blocks [Trending!]
  5. Killer Acapellas 4
  6. Techno AI Vocals
  7. Garage Vocals
  8. Sarah de Warren Chill Vocals
  9. Aurora Pop Vocal – Indie Pop Sample Pack
  10. Purple Sounds Presents: XO Drew Vocal Pack

1. Ultimate Acapella Collection by Ghosthack [Read below to get 25% off]

The team at Ghosthack prepared 12 high-quality acapella(with 69 stems & MIDI) full of emotion and character. Recorded by professional male and female singers, this pack of acapella definitely helps you give your productions an extra edge. Suitable for any genre such as trap, pop, RnB, house, and even techno. The samples are 100% royalty-free and key & bpm labeled. Probably one of the best vocal sample packs out there. Also, you can get 25% off on this pack with our exclusive discount code “WERAVEYOU“.

Price: €25.95

Genres targeted primarily: House, EDM, Future Bass, Commercial, Trap, Progressive House, and similar genres.


  • 78 Short Phrases
  • 44 Long Phrases
  • 218 One-Words
  • 12 Acapellas (with 69 STEMs & MIDI)
  • 30 Vocal Loops
  • 232 Adlibs


2. Ultimate Vocal Library 3 by Ghosthack

This pack from Ghosthack includes more than 1,100+  professional state-of-the-art Acapellas, Ad-Libs, Phrases, and One-Words recorded by male and female vocalists. The pack also works well for creating vocal chops and atmospheric pads. Overall, Ultimate Vocal Library 3 takes care of all sorts of vocal additions to the track you may think of adding to your music. All sounds are key- and BPM-labeled and come as 24-bit dry .wav files.

Price: €77

Genres targeted primarily: Future Bass, DnB, Commercial, EDM, House.

  • 22 Acapellas
  • 325 One-Words, Phrases, Ad-libs
  • 129 Guitar Loops
  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 114 Vocal Loops
  • 5 Video Tutorials


New Sounds of Techno Sample Pack

Melodic House & Techno Samples

3. Chillwave Vocals Vol 2

Vital Vocals’ Chillwave Vocals 2 comes after the massive success of the Vol.1 sample pack. The collection offers a selection of toplines and harmonies, courtesy of a rising star vocalist in the electronic music scene. Recorded with utmost care using top-tier microphones and gear, this 155 MB, 24-bit/44.1kHz package contains the ingredients for 5 separate vocal tracks, spanning 26 backing vocal loops, 24 lead vocal loops, and 10 Vocal Chop Loops. These vocals are great for music styles like chillwave, retrowave, chill trap, ambient, and downtempo. They’re free to use commercially, so you don’t have to worry about royalties. They bring a cozy and emotional feeling to your songs. This collection expands the tempo of Chillwave Vocals to span between 124BPM and 150BPM.

Price: $30.86

Genres targeted primarily: Future Pop, Chill Trap, and Vaporwave.


  • 5 Vocal Song Kits
  • 26 Backing Vocal Loops
  • 24 Lead Vocal Loops
  • 21 Vocal Fx Loops
  • 10 Vocal Chop Loops
  • 9 Wet Lead Vocal Loops
  • 2 Male Adlib Loops
  • 1 Wet Female Vocal Loop
  • 38 Vocal Phrases
  • 31 Vocal Adlibs


4. Flowdan – Writer Blocks [Trending!]

Flowdan, one of the most trending vocalists in the current music landscape, has cemented his status as a cult figure in British underground music over his nearly two-decade career. His recent collaboration with production royalty Skrillex & Fred again…, “Rumble,” gripped the world with its energy and powerful vocals, elevating Flowdan to new heights and soaring the charts worldwide. Alongside his prolific work as an MC, Flowdan has become renowned as an accomplished producer, crafting highly rhythmic and certifiably heavy tracks that stylistically dwell in the realms of Grime & Dancehall, providing the perfect canvas for his inimitable vocals and collaborations with artists like PK, GHSTLY XXVII, Docious, and ITookie.

Writer Blocks, is the first sample pack from Flowdan in collaboration with Beatport that combines both vocals and production work in one package. This pack has a lot of stuff for making heavy bass music. You’ll find deep bass sounds, choir sounds that make you feel things, cool futuristic effects, and loops of orchestral music that sound like it’s from a movie. You can mix these with Flowdan’s vocals to make some really powerful music. It’s worth noting that you cannot use Flowdan’s name in the releases without permission however since the pack is Royalty-free you can commercially release the track but without Flowdan’s name.

Price: $37.05

Genres targeted primarily: Grime, UK Garage, UK House, Dubstep, Dancehall, Drill, DnB & similar genres.


  • 63 Drum Construction Kit Loops
  • 24 Percussion Loops
  • 21 Flowdan Vocal Loops
  • 19 Bass Loops
  • 14 Keys Loops
  • 15 Synth Loops
  • 11 Full Drum Loops
  • 11 Fx Loops
  • 8 Instrument Loops
  • 8 Processed Vocal Loops
  • 4 Orchestral Loops
  • 3 Choir Loops
  • 1 Top Drum Loop
  • 42 Drum Hits
  • 28 Perc Hits
  • 21 Fx
  • 19 Vocals
  • 17 Bass Hits
  • 8 Instrument Hits


5. Killer Acapellas 4

This sample pack was recorded by two professional singer-songwriters, a male and a female, both well-traveled and experienced in live performances, studio sessions with renowned producers, and top-line writing for major-label artists.

Produced and engineered by the Monster Sounds team, who have worked with underground and commercial singers and rappers, including gold-selling artists, this pack offers eight full acapellas spanning different tempos and themes. Within the pack, you’ll find eight full songs, each comprising verses, choruses, and in some cases, bridges, along with additional harmony parts and ad-libs for progressive layering and spicing things up. The vocals have been double-tracked (and in many cases, multi-tracked) to provide a huge, stacked sound or a more intimate, bare tone. The vocals were recorded using a 1980s Neumann U87 microphone and a Focusrite ISA430 channel strip.

Price: $43.23

Genres targeted primarily: Bass House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, EDM, Electro House, Tech House.


  • 8 Unique Vocal Tracks
  • 226 Vocal Stems
  • 210 Rex2 Files


6. Techno AI Vocals

The pack contains around 900 MB of vocal samples created using artificial intelligence technology. It includes generated and processed vocal phrases, words, symphonic choirs, glitchy vocal effects, and ambience loops. It also provides the MIDI files for the choir loops and a text file with the lyrics for the vocal phrases, allowing users to modify them using voice generation tools. The 893 MB of content consists of 832 total files. While labeled as “Techno AI Vocals,” the samples can be used across various genres like future rave, progressive, big room, deep tech, bass music, and anywhere vocal elements are needed. The vocal phrases and words are not key-labeled or tempo-synced. The vocal FX loops are not perfectly aligned to a tempo grid, as they are intended for beat-free sections of a track.

Price: $24.68

Genres targeted primarily: Techno, Future Rave, Deep Tech


  • 10 MIDI Files
  • 10 Vocal Ambience Loops
  • 26 Vocal FX Loops
  • 382 Vocal Phrases (Wet & Dry)
  • 10 Vocal Choir Pad Loops
  • 394 Spoken Words (Wet & Dry)


7. Garage Vocals

Fred Again.. & Skrillex brought a new wave for genres like UK Garage, UK House & grime. Keeping the trending sound in focus, Garage vocals contains over 200 vocal loops and phrases suited for garage music, but usable across various electronic genres like house, drum & bass, trap, etc. The pack features a variety of vocal elements including full vocal loops, single phrases, shouts, ad-libs, and spoken word recordings. All vocals are performed by a female vocalist. The loops are divided into two tempo categories: 128 BPM and 132 BPM. While originally designed for garage styles, the versatile vocal samples can be used in any production needing a catchy vocal hook or phrase.

Price: $36.93

Genres targeted primarily: UK Garage, house, grime, Disco, Dancehall.


8. Sarah de Warren Chill Vocals

The pack features vocals by Sarah de Warren, a well-known UK vocalist in the electronic dance music scene. What’s great about this pack is the flexibility that comes along with it. The dry vocal recordings allow producers to sculpt the sound as desired, while the processed versions can be easily dropped into a project. The loops cover tempos from 80-140 BPM, suitable for ambient, chill, pop, and future genres. While the vocals are royalty-free for use in music productions when the pack is legally purchased, Sarah de Warren’s name or image cannot be used to promote the artist/vocalist feature. The pack showcases Sarah’s warm, airy vocal tones and evocative lyrics across a collection of unique vocal samples designed to inspire electronic productions.

Price: $24.99

Genres targeted primarily: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, EDM, Future Bass, Trap, Commercial, Ambient, Lo-Fi.

  • 85 Vocal Phrases – Dry
  • 14 Vocal Phrases – Wet
  • 23 Vocal Spoken Word
  • 11 Vocal Adlibs
  • 10 Vocal Atmospheres
  • 9 Beat Loops (36 Stem Loops Kick, Snare, Hats)
  • 39 Music Loops (Stems Keys, Pads, Bass)
  • 8 Pad Loops
  • Tempo 80-140 BPM


9. Aurora Pop Vocal – Indie Pop Sample Pack

The pack contains 5 pop vocal top-line performances by a female vocalist, recorded with high-quality microphones and gear. For each top line, both dry and processed/effected vocal versions are provided. It also includes 10 vocal chops and 10 vocal shout/ad-lib samples created from the main vocal recordings. As a bonus, there are 28 additional drum, piano, guitar, and chord loop samples included. All vocal and bonus samples are royalty-free for use in your music productions when the pack is legally obtained. Key and tempo information is provided for all the samples to facilitate implementation. While professionally recorded, the vocal stylings and additional musical elements are designed to inspire pop and dance/electronic genres, allowing you to craft radio-friendly or club-tailored tracks using these vocal assets.

Price: €17.99

Genres targeted primarily: Pop, Indie-pop, commercial, RnB.


5 Top Lines (Dry & Wet)
10 Vocals Chop
10 Vocals Shout
28 Bunos Samples (Drum, piano, chord e guitar)
1,07 Gb of Samples


10. Purple Sounds Presents: XO Drew Vocal Pack

The pack features vocals by XO Drew, a hip-hop sensation and rising songwriting talent in collaboration with production house ‘Purple Sounds‘. His emotive vocals and melodic flows are described as perfect for creating “sad boy” R&B and hip-hop vibes akin to artists like Drake, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd. It contains 49 one-shot vocal samples and 143 looped vocal phrases from XO Drew. The vocals include pitched loops, bilingual phrases in English and Spanish, spoken word samples, and vocal effects like shouts, hype vocals, and impacts. Both dry and processed/effected versions are provided for versatility in sound design. With a catalog creating buzz in the industry, XO Drew is touted as a “rare songwriting gem” that publishers and producers seek out. While showcasing his skills, no promotion or crediting of the artist XO Drew is permitted when using these 192 royalty-free vocal samples legally obtained through the purchase of the pack.

Price: 1 credit per sample

Genres targeted primarily: Hip-hop, trap, RnB


Best Free Vocal Sample Packs

1. Free EDM Vocal Bundle by W.A. Production

2. Euphoria – Vocal Sample Pack


Q: Where can I find vocal samples for my tracks?

A: Vocal samples can be sourced from online commercial sample packs, and custom vocal recordings from websites like Vocalfy.com. However, many commercial packs contain a significant amount of unusable content, requiring time to audition and find suitable vocals.

Q: Can two artists release tracks with the same vocal sample from a commercial pack?

A: Yes, it’s possible for multiple artists to use the same vocal sample from a commercial pack in their releases. This is an inherent risk when using widely available sample packs, as you don’t have exclusive rights to the vocals.

Q: Are vocal samples royalty-free?

A: Royalty-free vocal samples allow you to use them in commercial music projects without paying additional royalties. However, it’s crucial to ensure the samples don’t originate from copyrighted sources.

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