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The best vocal sample packs in 2023

In many cases, songs representing electronic dance music are wrongly judged on the basis of only its drop or whether the melody is catchy enough to make the song a radio-friendly hit. More and more productions are becoming world hits and best-selling records thanks to other aspects, such as a neat combination of the producer-vocalist line, simple but catchy lyrics, or a properly cut-out vocal sample that fits perfectly with the drums & synth backgrounds, like in Keys N Krates’ Dum Dee Dum or Fisher’s Losing It. Many of the producers have trouble finding and then contacting the right vocalist or their budget is often insufficient to establish cooperation. These are some reasons why we decided to prepare a list of the best vocal sample packs which definitely – no matter what genre you represent – will help you solve these and other vocal-type problems.


List of the best vocal sample packs in 2023:

1. Ultimate Acapella Collection by Ghosthack – €69.95 [Read below to get 25% off]

2. Legendary Voices: Candi Staton by Samplesound – £15.99 [Read below to get 40% off] 

3. Ultimate Vocal Library 2 by Ghosthack – €29.95 [Read below to get 25% off]

4. Chillwave Vocals by Vital Vocals – €5.59 – €11.19

5. Killer Acapellas 4 by Monster Sounds – €19.65

6. KARRA Vocal Sample Pack on Splice

7. WOMEN MAKE WAVES: Vocal Pack on Splice

8. Purple Sounds Presents: XO Drew Vocal Pack on Splice

9. Sarah de Warren Chill Vocals – $24.99

10. Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions – $49.99
Read the description and our review of these best vocal sample packs down below & also there are some free samples for you in case you make it to the end of the article!


Top Premium vocal sample packs:

1. Ultimate Acapella Collection by Ghosthack – €69.95 [Read below to get 25% off]

The team at Ghosthack prepared 12 high-quality acapella full of emotion and character. Recorded by professional male and female singers, this pack of acapella definitely will elevate your productions to a higher level. Suitable for any genre such as trap, pop, RnB, house and even techno. The samples are 100% royalty-free and key & bpm labelled. Probably one of the best vocal sample packs out there. Also, you can get 25% off on this pack with our exclusive discount code “WERAVEYOU“.



You can listen to the demo acapellas by clicking on the “Buy Now” button also check out one of the demos down below.


2. Legendary Voices: Candi Staton by Samplesound – £15.99

The First Lady of Southern Soul, known throughout the world for her distinguishable voice has teamed up with Samplesound to release a Tech House sample pack designed to equip producers with brand-new, never heard before samples with a nod to Candi’s legendary past. The pack contains 4 song starters and 150 exclusive royalty-free Candi Staton Vocal Samples. Also you can download the pack for 40% off if you use the code “weraveyou” on checkout.

Listen to Candi Staton vocal pack’s demo:

3. Ultimate Vocal Library 2 by Ghosthack – €29.95 [Read below to get 25% off]

This pack from Ghosthack includes more than 1,100+  professional state-of-the-art Acapellas, Ad-Libs, Phrases and One-Words recorded by male and female vocalists. The pack also works well for creating vocal chops and atmospheric pads. Overall, Ultimate Vocal library 2 takes care off all sorts of vocal addition to the track you may think of adding to your music. Also, you can get 25% off on this pack with our exclusive discount code “WERAVEYOU


Check out the Ultimate Vocal Library 2 in action down below:

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4. Chillwave Vocals by Vital Vocals – €5.59 – €11.19

A unique selection of blissed-out toplines and harmonies that are sure to bring an ethereal and dreamy vibe to your productions, perfect for injecting some humanism into your beats 100% royalty-free. Expect to find 155 MB of content with all audio at 24Bit & 44.1KHZ. There are 5 vocal tracks, broken down as 62 backing vocal loops, 57 lead vocal loops, and 56 chorus vocal loops.

Chillwave Vocals‘ preview:


5. Killer Acapellas 4 by Monster Sounds – €19.65

Monster Sounds produced and engineered many vocal sessions from the underground to commercial singers and rappers, including gold-selling artists have left no stone unturned in the making of this pack so you can rest assured these are pro-quality vocals. There are 8 full acapella’s ranging in tempo, each based around different song ideas and subjects to give maximum flexibility for producers in all different genres.


Listen Killer Acapellas 4 in action down below:

6. Dance Vocals by Sample Magic

This pack includes over 170 samples with a variety of styles ranging from uplifting hooks to gritty shouts and chants. Recorded using the finest mics and signal path presented dry for complete production freedom. The samples are all labeled with key and tempo information, making it easy to integrate them into any project. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, Sample Magic’s Dance Vocals pack from Splice is an excellent resource for adding dynamic and engaging vocal elements to your music.


‘Women Make Waves’ vocal sample pack collection was released in celebration of International Women’s Month. The pack includes some amazing vocal samples from 31 female-identifying and non-binary artists, songwriters, and producers, including 11 from The Creator’s Suite, to contribute their distinct flavor and colorful range of diverse vocal samples with the main goal of sparking creativity in any producer. The pack is a versatile collection of high-quality samples and is sure to drive the spark in you.


8. Purple Sounds Presents: XO Drew Vocal Pack

Hip-hop sensation Drew is the mastermind behind this vocal sample pack collection. Containing 49 one-shots & 143 loops, the pack is filled with pitched loops, bilingual phrases, and spoken words in Spanish and English language. The pack is a must-have if you are looking for top lines while making RnB & HipHop



9. Sarah de Warren Chill Vocals

This pack from Sarah De Warren is full of airy vocals and deeply evocative lyrics most suited for Ambient, Chill, Pop, and Future garage genre productions. The pack contains a total of 226 files featuring an essential collection of truly unique Vocal Phrases, Spoken words, Vocal Atmospheres, and Bonus Beats and Music Loops. Check out the sample pack in action down below:



10. Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions

The 1GB sample pack from Black Octopus and Cory Friesenhan has over 500 files filled with Songs, Loops, Swells, Vocal FX & more. The pack is suited for a variety of genres such as house, dubstep, chill step, trance, pop, progressive and more.




As we said at the bottom of the article – here’s some of the best free vocal sample packs. 

1. Free EDM Vocal Bundle by W.A. Production


2. Euphoria – Vocal Sample Pack



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