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NAMM 2023: Bitwig Studio 5 launches with a bunch of new features

NAMM 2023 is up and running, showcasing the newest developments by the biggest music production companies in the world. From April 13th up to April 15th you have the ability to attend this year’s show and test out all of the new gear. The software company, Bitwig, is also included this year showcasing brand-new upgrades to their design. Have a look down below at the latest advancements in the DAW, Bitwig Studio 5.


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Bitwig has introduced an array of new features that significantly expand the software’s capabilities, with a primary focus on the modulation system and the ability to create music through music patterns, similar to Ableton. The following updates have been included:

  • Five new Multi-Segment Envelope Generators that can be used in many different ways and offer more flexibility in creating custom envelope curves. They can be used as a Grid and Polymer module and as a modulator, with the added functionality of being able to loop them as LFOs.
  • An upgraded modulation system that will be familiar to Ableton users, with the patterns aligned as scenes across a sort of session view. Users can add standard effects and control panning, solo, mute, and record features. Additionally, they can add filters, equalizers, distortion units, and the aforementioned envelope generators per section.
  • Clip Launching has been improved with a range of “Next actions” that can be added while performing live with clips, allowing users to select the right launch quantization, launch mode, release action, post-record action, and post-record delay. Alternate actions can also be selected through the ALT button for different add-ons to the main actions.
  • The upgraded browser lets users search for anything included in the DAW, such as wavetables, presets, plugins, and samples, with everything mapped, categorized, and filtered for quicker search results.
  • Bitwig Studio also includes Korean and Spanish language support, an external MSEG editor window for more curve control, and a new Wavetable LFO that is perfect for morphing signals.

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