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Black Friday 2022: Best Deals on Vocal Sample Packs

As a music producer, have you ever felt like there’s something missing in your track and the absence of this piece has made your stuff way too monotonous? Well in a situation like this, adding some vocals definitely helps you to get your mix together. Not only they complete your track by filling up a lot of frequencies in the spectrum, but using vocals can also add meaning to your productions and it also helps with reaching out to an increased amount of audience. But it’s not as easy as it sounds like. This is the whole reason why vocal sample packs are so popular and widely used in the industry and what could be a better time to grab vocal sample packs than Black Friday. We have prepared a list of the best deals on vocal sample packs you can grab at a fairly low price on Black Friday. Also do check out our special page where we highlight the best deals on presets, bundles, sample packs, courses, etc for Black Friday 2022.


1.  Tech House Market Female Vocals Vol.2 & Vol. 1 – €13.99 each | 30% off

These vocal packs are tailor-made for house music production. The Vol. 2 pack comes with 60 vocals of various kind and includes dry/wet versions for every take. On the other hand, the Vol. 1 pack contains 25 dry vocals, 24 wet vocals, and 25 vocal loops that you can only get at TechHouseMarket. All these samples are extremely catchy and will take your groovy Tech House tracks to another level.


2. Ghosthack Ultimate Vocal Library 3 (€79.95 from €149.95) 

This pack is a collection of over 5.11 GB of vocal samples. With over 22 full acapella from 7 professional vocalists for all kinds of music styles plus tons of ad-libs, phrases, one-words, guitar loops, and one-shots this is probably the largest and one of the finest vocal libraries available on the market.


3. Ghosthack Ultimate Vocal Bundle (€19.95 from €149.95) 

This bundles features 3 vocal sample packs from Ghosthack. It contains over 900 acapellas, adlibs, phrases, vocal loops and one-shots. Over 2.4 GB of high quality royalty free vocals. This is one of the best black Friday deals on vocal sample packs in 2022.


4. Vocals Vol.1 – Sample Pack from Production Music Live

Presented by PML, this sample pack is a unique selection of blissed-out toplines and harmonies that are sure to bring an ethereal and dreamy vibe to your productions, perfect for injecting some humanism into your beats. This pack contains female and male acapellas in the style of Anjunadeep, Siamese, Infinite Depth, Spinnin’, Armada, Kontor, All Day I Dream, Afterlife and many more. Available at a much cheaper price exclusively for this Black Friday.




5. Ultimate Acapella Collection by Ghosthack (€25.95 from €79.95)

No matter what genre of House you produce, ‘Ultimate Acapella Collection’ will have something to transcend your future releases. Brimming with style, precision and flair this sample pack burrows so deep into soulful male & female vocals. Contains 670 vocal resources including full acapella, adlibs & more.


6. Ultra Tech House Vocals 4 ($10.55 from $26.38)

Ultra Tech House Vocals offers 29 complete royalty-free top line vocal tracks. All vocal tracks range from 124-127 BPM inspired by the sounds of Fisher, Dom Dolla and Diplo.



7. Purple Fog ($13.98 from $34.95)

This vocal collection is packed with toplines and melodies that will slot right in over your forward-thinking dancefloor creations. Features 21 adlibs, 11 vocal chops, 11 FX, 40 vocal one shots, 93 vocal phrases, 200 vocal hooks. 100% royalty-free.


8. Echoes by Holly Drummond ($20.00 from $49.99)

Echoes includes a diverse collection of vocal samples suitable for a variety of musical styles. This pack includes a full selection of remixable songs, as well as spoken words, vocal phrases, chopped edits, atmospheres, breaths, and single tones. 540 Royalty Free Vocals with over 900 MB of content.



9. Voice Of India ($18.48 from $46.21)

The essential vocal package has been optimized with the closest attention to detail, staying true to the sound with authentic royalty-free samples. The vocals samples were recorded using tube Pre-Amps and Mics on 96kHz in studios across India. This unique sample pack has been created and maximized to the highest standards, exclusively delivered by top Indian vocalists in the Indian music scene today, and can be used to create a variety of styles with Indian vocals signatures.


10. Deep House & Soulful Vocals ($9.49 from $23.73)

Yet another pack from Vital Vocals, this is a gorgeous collection of effortlessly delivered female vocals that are sure to provide a touch of class and soul to your latest House productions. You can be guaranteed to add that final layer of memorability


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Image Credits: Ghosthack


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