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Deals to expect from Black Friday 2022 if you are a music producer

Black Friday is quite a major occasion for the music industry as many producers look forward to purchasing some plugins of their choice enlarging their software toolkit. Retailers, plugin manufacturers & sample pack companies often kick off with their major Black Friday deals a week or two early offering lucrative discounts and offers on their products. You’ll notice almost every outlet running some sort of black Friday deals. With the vast number of plugin manufacturers and sample pack companies out there it’s quite tough as a music producer to figure out which Black Friday deals are the best and the most beneficial for you. In an attempt to reduce your problems we have shortlisted a list of plugins, sample packs, bundles, and courses you should watch out for this Black Friday. Some of these deals aren’t on sale yet but are likely to have by the time we reach Black Friday. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.


Best Plugins Deals to expect on Black Friday 2022

1. u-he Diva 

Diva is one of the most popular synth plugins out there. It falls right into the elite category shared by other synths such as Sylenth1, Serum & Omnisphere. The analog character of Diva is what it makes such a good VST plugin. At the moment there is no Black Friday deal on Diva.


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2. Moog Effects Plugins

The Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins are a redesign of the iconic analogue effects pedals from Moog, bringing to your digital music creation environment the legendary tone, musicality, and interconnection of the original hardware effects. The Fx bundle is currently available for 40% off during their special Black Friday Sale.



3. Waves Black Friday 

Waves have already launched the first edition of its Black Friday deals. They usually carry out their Black Friday deals in multiple phases. At the moment you can get 10% off on your 2nd plugin purchase, 30% on 3rd & 4th plugin & 50% on 5th and subsequent purchases. We would suggest keeping an eye on various different deals that pop up on their platform in the coming weeks.


4. Arturia V Collection 9 

This collection features 28 VST plugins including analogue synths, digital synths, organs, acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and string machines. All the plugins are digital emulations of some of the greatest hardware gear ever produced. One of the most anticipated deals for Black Friday 2022.




5. Cableguys ShaperBox 3

ShaperBox is an amazing effect plugin that allows you to completely manipulate your sounds and make interesting arrangements out of it. The ShaperBox bundle includes TimeShaper 2, VolumeShaper 6, NoiseShaper, FilterShaper Core 2, PanShaper 3, WidthShaper 2, CrushShaper and DriveShaper. There are endless possibilities of what you can achieve with a combination of these modules. It also received the support of producers such as Camelphat, and David Guetta. Definitely, one to watch out for on Black Friday.


6. Fabfilter Plugins 

Fabfilter plugins have gained the status of industry-standard among music producers. Their plugins such as Pro Q3, Saturn, Pro MB, Pro L2 are considered some of the must-haves by the community. Last year we did witness a black Friday sale on Fabfilter plugins for a week’s duration and expect to see a similar deal this year.


7. iZotope RX 10 

RX is a post-production plugin utilized for cleaning recorded audio samples and making acapella’s and instrumentals out of existing songs. iZotope recently launched the latest edition of the RX series, the RX 9. In case this plugin has been on your radar, do watch out for any deals that may follow in the coming weeks.


8. Kilohearts Phase Plant 

Phase Plant is a synth VST plugin. Phase Plant always starts with a blank template providing you endless possibilities for creating new sounds. You can add as many wavetables, oscillators as you want. Individually map them to any of the effects, lfos, triggers, envelopes etc. Once you understand this plugin completely, its a total beast. Black Friday deals are likely on Phase Plant similar to what we saw in 2020.


9. Native Instruments Komplete 13 

The Komplete 13 bundle features 68 instruments and effects, plus 24 Expansions. Included within are some of Native Instruments’ best Kontakt libraries & instruments such as  Guitar Rig 6, Cremona Quartet, Arkhis, Super 8 synthesizer, Noire piano, Mysteria vocal textures, Session guitars library, and a lot more. A black Friday sale on Native Instruments’ libraries & plugins is likely to be released in the coming weeks.


10. XFER Serum Black Friday 

This one seems a bit ambitious as Serum is one of those plugins on which you’ll hardly find any deals, sales, coupon codes etc. We might be extremely lucky if something pops up on Black Friday 2021 so fingers crossed!



11. Soundtoys Black Friday 

Soundtoys has an exquisite collection of mixing plugins. You might have already heard of plugins such as Decapitator, Echoboy, Alter Boy from various professionals. Similar to Black Friday 2021, Soundtoys have launched their Black Friday deals for 2022. Individual effects are up to 70% off and bundles up to 55% off. Definitely, the best time to buy if you are looking to add Soundtoys to your production toolkit.



12. Mastering The Mix Black Friday 

Mastering The Mix has a very concise catalog of plugins however each of them is an excellent piece of software to drastically improve your mix and masters. If you are a mixing/mastering engineer or a music producer, they have some amazing plugins such as Reference, Bass Room, Levels, Mix Room.





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