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Black Friday Deals on Music Courses

Black Friday 2021 is officially here. Like every year there are some exciting and jaw-dropping deals going on during this time of the year and the music industry is no different. Plugin developers, sample pack curators, music production tutorial outlets & everyone related to the technical side of music offers massive discounts on their products. We have curated a wide list of deals ranging from plugins to sample packs in our dedicated campaign. For the purpose of this article, we will be listing down the Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on music courses.


| Fabfilter Black Friday Deals – 25% off on Pro Q3, Pro MB & more 


Black Friday Deals on Music Courses 2021


1. Ben Bohmer Masterclass

Definitely, one of the best deals you can avail this Black Friday. Ben Bohmer demonstrated his immaculate music production skills in this 2+ hrs course. His masterclass is currently available for 50% off this Black Friday


2. Beginner’s course – Ableton Live 11 Start to finish 

If you are just testing the waters of music production at the moment and are pretty new to using Ableton, this might be the one for you. Its always recommended having a solid grasp on basics when you are just trying out and this course will help you in achieving exactly the same.


3. Techno Masterclass

Techno has been for decades, but only recently started coming into the mainstream. A wide number of releases be it from any electronic music sub-genre is inspired by Techno sounds. If you are someone who are getting into the Techno music industry or would like to learn new skills, this makes up for a good purchase


4. u-he Diva Sound design

u-he Diva is one of the most popular synth plugins and is placed right in the elite category of VST synths alongside Serum, Omnisphere, Massive, etc. The analog feel of the plugin makes it very different from its competitors. If you currently own Diva and want to increase the potential of your sound design with it, this course is a great option.



5. Get Started Making Music – A Production Course for Absolute Beginners

Another course for Beginners. The one mentioned above was slightly more focused on Ableton, this one is a bit more in general. You’ll learn all the essential concepts of music production step by step and in an easy way. The course is currently available for 40% off this Black Friday



6. Advanced Music Production Secrets

Time & again, every music producer needs to update his skill set with the latest set of plugins, new tips & tricks etc. This course is for those who have been making music for a while and want to take things to the next level.



7. Piano Lessons for Producers 

Learning an instrument is super helpful when it comes to music production. It gives you that extra edge that can help you in making better melodic arrangements. The course will take you through the basics of playing piano from a music production perspective.



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