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serum diva black friday deals 2020

Black Friday deals on presets for Serum, Sylenth1, Diva & more

Strengthening your toolset by gathering the right samples and sounds for your productions can take a while. In an ideal world, we all hope to find or create that perfect kick drum or that perfect synth, but this requires some time and experience. There are so many high-quality sounds available on the internet, so why not use them. Black Friday is closing in and down below we’ve made a list of the best presets for the best synthesizers.


Black Friday deals on presets for Serum, Sylenth1, Diva & more


Serum Presets

  1. Black Friday Serum Bundle (Hip Hop, Lo-Fi) – 6 for $20
  2. 3300 Presets Anniversary BUNDLE (Multi genre) – $25
  3. PML Techno Vol. 1 (Techno) – €19,90

Omnisphere Presets

  1. Sample Library Omnisphere Bundle (Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, Triphop) – $25
  2. Omnisphere Psytrance Presets (Psytrance) – $24.12
  3. D-Fused Sounds Omnisphere Bundle (Multi genre) – $25


  1. Melodics by Tim Engelhardt (Techno) – €19,90
  2. Melodic House by Bound To Divide (House) – €19,90

Massive X & Massive

  1. Trap Massive Presets Bundle Pack (Trap, Hip Hop, R&B) – $20
  2. Massive X Expansion Haze (Multi genre) – €14,50
  3. Massive X Expansion Quest (Multi genre) – €14,50
  4. PML Massive COMPLETE (Multi genre) – €47


  1. Pigments Preset Pack – by Tim Engelhardt (Deep & Progressive House) – €22,90
  2. Deep Techno (Techno, Tech House) – $13.38


  1. Shocking Future Rave (EDM) – $10.55
  2. Trance Family Synth Series Bundle (Multi genre) – $34.99
  3. Future Bass Essentials (Future Bass) – €47

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