Over the shoulder photo of a musician in a recording studio using the SDE-3000D.

BOSS SDE-3000D Dual Delay: A Modern take on a Beloved Classic

BOSS has released the new SDE-3000D Dual Delay; a modern reimagining of the classic delay from the 1980s. At the core of the BOSS SDE-3000D lies its cutting-edge digital processing technology. This pedal achieves the same pristine audio quality BOSS is known to deliver. Whether you wish to achieve warm delays or intricate modulation effects, this pedal board has you covered. 


One of the standout features of the SDE-3000D is its vast array of customizable parameters. With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface (and 100 open slots for user generated presets), you have complete control over every aspect of your sound. From adjusting delay times and feedback levels to sculpting the tone and adding modulation, this pedal empowers you to customize your sound to perfection. The BOSS SDE-3000D also offers a range of connectivity options, making it a powerful solution for musicians in both studio recording and live performances. The SDE-3000D pedal seamlessly integrates into any rig, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your musical endeavors.The SDE-3000D (Retailing for $499) is built with a sleek and stylish design; yet rugged durability in mind. This pedal is built to withstand the rigors of the road and countless hours of use. 


In addition, a special edition model has been produced in collaboration with Eddie van Halen; known as the SDE-3000 EVH Dual Delay (Retailing for $599)The pedal is loaded with presets designed by Val Halen, while boasting a unique custom design and logo. Both units support both MIDI and I/O capabilities. The BOSS SDE-3000D and SDE-3000 EVH are game-changers for guitarists and musicians seeking to upgrade their sound and expand their creativity toolbox. With its advanced digital processing, customizable parameters, versatile connectivity, and robust construction, this pedal empowers you to create captivating soundscapes that push boundaries. 


For more information on the BOSS SDE-3000D Pedal, click here.


Image credit: BOSS

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