BravoandBrave songwriting tool for music producers

Bravo & Brave, a new songwriting tool for music producers

 Music mastery comes from creativity and extensive knowledge gained from the experience of making music. This path to mastery is a unique journey of self-improvement, and it applies to songwriters, music producers, instrumentalists, and especially superstar hit-makers such as David Guetta and The Weeknd. Top stars like these have a very precise workflow: they collaborate with the best songwriters, working with them on dozens of songs, and choosing only the most unique ones to go into production. Thanks to Bravo & Brave, everybody (that means you!) now can do the same.


Bravo & Brave‘s music harmony catalog offers musicians and songwriters, collections of harmony progressions that can be used in modern compositions and to improve music theory proficiency.


BravoandBrave songwriting tool for music producers

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Let’s put it this way; music theory is taught primarily by academics who use dated classical music books to discuss their ideas in the classroom. Most songwriters today want to follow the Paul McCartney path to learning music theory- e.g. by listening to Old American Classics and breaking a hot sweat on their bass guitars. There is still a massive gap between the skills taught in academic music theory education and the skills that are actually needed to make popular music today. This is why Bravo & Brave is tackling this problem that clearly needs to be solved.


Despite being designed mainly for high-end professional working musicians, Bravo & Brave charges only $3.37 per hour for unlimited access to its catalog….that’s a sweet deal! And many others seem to agree on the sweetness of this deal, as Bravo & Brave’s catalog now has more than 35k users worldwide. For today’s first 25 readers that hop on this deal, the team at Bravo & Brave has prepared the gift of a 27% off Stripe Coupon to use on hourly purchases. Enjoy it and be Brave.


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Music is going through a glorious moment,” says Lorenzo Brizzo, Bravo & Brave’s founder and CEO who is a musician and entrepreneur in the China tech ecosystem.“Millions of people every day want to create and distribute new music, perform live at huge music festivals, write scores for movies, and have constant access to creativity. But, to be recognized as a top artist, the journey has always been quite competitive“.


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Entering the golden door of stardom and becoming a phenom in the music industry requires a triad of factors: (1) having great songs, (2) concocting an unforgettable style, (3) and having the musical ability to attract the hearts (and ears!) of different generations of listeners. And let’s not forget the X factor, which is the ability to resonate with people so strongly that they can’t get you out of their heads (no matter how hard they try!). From a diverse range of artists such as Lady Gaga, Elvis, the Beatles, AC / DC, etc., the difference between infinite stardom and infinite mediocrity is the ability to connect with people’s hearts and minds. Famous artists have access to the best music-making tools, talent pool, and techniques in the world. At Bravo & Brave, it’s our job to give you what you need to compete with the best of the best.


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It seems that, finally, the barriers to creativity have been demolished, and the opportunity to create the next “Imagine” or “Radio Gaga” has fallen into your hands. We want you to have access to unlimited creativity, so Bravo & Brave’s team works super hard to ensure that you have the highest quality, pristine harmony catalog platform at your disposal. Musicians can access thousands of chord progressions and music harmony patterns, and easily export them directly to their DAW to produce great music.

“If there is any truth in the idea that businesses must be 100% useful to succeed, our only goal at Bravo & Brave is to create software that unleashes the creativity of anyone who uses our platform, Bravo & Brave is the first of many creativity-accelerating tools that we have in progress.”, says Lorenzo Brizzo during our Zoom-call interview.

BravoandBrave songwriting tool for music producers

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“The product looks very simple to use”; says Hemant, our Features Editor, whom we asked to try the service for a week, and give us something to write an objective article about. His analysis is that the user can explore new music, and search by genre, BPM, key, and more. He says that listening to audio previews and exporting what inspires them is also very easy. For those who love tools that allow them to make music straight out of the box, this service seems to be a modern solution, capable of combining the artist’s creative impulses with an abundance of harmonies and tools available on the platform.

This service is basically a new cloud-based library for music production, well designed, and very intuitive to use. As an increasing number of major music corporations are getting involved with this tech, Bravo & Brave is quickly growing in reputation. As of this writing, the company has over 3 partnerships with developers, labels, tech firms, and established songwriters all of whom are looking to fully expand the brand’s vision to help maximize the musical creative ability of anyone who uses its services.


BravoandBrave songwriting tool for music producers

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Creating the perfect song is one of the most difficult challenges musicians face in today’s competitive market. Bravo & Brave’s music harmony catalog helps musicians stir emotions within listeners, whether that be through online performances or through traditional performance venues. The only thing that they ask for in return from musicians is to never give up on the beautiful journey of making great art.

For today’s first 25 readers who express interest, the team at Bravo & Brave is gifting a 27% off Stripe Coupon to use on hourly purchases. Enjoy it and be Brave.

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Image credits: Bravo & Brave