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Superbooth 2023: Buchla Announces New Music Easel & 50th Anniversary Easel

Buchla has announced the revival of the iconic Music Easel for its third run in 50 years. The Music Easel was one of the first truly portable electronic music instruments, released in 1973, and quickly became a cult classic for its ability to produce virtually every musical dimension with signals and voltage.


The new Music Easel includes the updated 208 Stored Program Sound Source (Easel Command), which now features expanded MIDI and USB capability. The Easel Program Manager has also been updated, allowing for even more rapid storing and recalling of sound sources. The new 218 Touch Activated Voltage Source provides optimal input facility as originally envisioned, and the advanced EMBIO module unifies all audio and control inputs and outputs for integration with the rest of your musical world.


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But the Music Easel is more than just a retro novelty – it still speaks to a future we strive for. Designed as “an integrated assemblage of functions”, rather than a collection of modules, the Music Easel’s color coding, comfortable access to controls, and solid patch connections allow for satisfying sessions of sonic discovery.


Available for pre-order starting in June at Buchla.com and your favorite Buchla Dealer, delivery of the Music Easel is expected in early October 2023. The Music Easel is a technology that invites conversation and controls that engage expression, not work. With many new worlds to explore, this instrument created at the crossroads of the jazz and computer ages is sure to inspire sonic adventurers for another 50 years to come.



The Music Easel is priced at $4999 whereas, for the 50th anniversary Music Easel, you need to signup to get notified on how to order.




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