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Cableguys release FilterShaper XL plugin

Cableguys have unveiled their latest creation, FilterShaper XL, a new take on their popular FilterShaper plugin series. With deep modulation capabilities and a modern interface, FilterShaper XL aims to push creative sound design to new heights.


Powerful Dual Filter Section

At the heart of FilterShaper XL lies its versatile dual filter, featuring a range of 20 filter types including classic low-, high-, and band-pass shapes as well as more unique notch and peaking filters. Users can choose between Warm, driven filters inspired by classic analog synths or Clean, precision digital filters. With two independent filters that can be chained in series or parallel, complex textures can be crafted.


Built-in Drive and Saturation

To bring the filters to life, each stage features its own built-in drive control that can be placed pre- or post-filter. The Warm filters have special Resonance Drive in the resonance feedback path to emulate an analog filter pushed to its limits. Soft and Hard saturation modes add grit and character.


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Deep Modulation Capabilities

At the heart of FilterShaper XL lies its flexible modulation options. The interface centers around editing the main LFO and Envelope Follower for each filter parameter.


LFO Editor for Custom Shapes

The LFO editor based on Cableguys’ ShaperBox allows for drawing any modulation shape. Curves, steps, ramps, and complex rhythmic patterns are possible. There are also handy features like Wave Presets, Smooth control, and a Pointer tool.


Envelopes and Sidechaining

The envelope followers share the analog-inspired design of ShaperBox. Adaptive Release, Threshold, and Sidechain inputs allow for dynamic filters that respond to the input audio.


Additional Modulation LFOs

Dedicated LFOs are available to modulate the main LFO shape as well as control modulation depth. This unlocks evolving, shifting filter patterns.


Modernised Interface

FilterShaper XL boasts a resizable Retina interface optimised for editing modulation graphs. Multiple oscilloscope visualisations provide feedback on the filter response.


Broad Sonics

Care was taken to ensure FilterShaper XL provides a rich, analog-quality sound. Features like zero-delay feedback filters, oversampling, resonance compensation, and internal saturation keep the sound full and vibrant even with extreme settings.


Diverse Presets

With over 450 pro presets showcasing rhythmic filter patterns, modulated sweeps, and more, FilterShaper XL aims to inspire right out of the box. A slick browser makes finding the right sound easy.


Launch Offer

FilterShaper XL is available now at an introductory price of 49 EUR / USD, reduced from 79 EUR / USD. Current FilterShaper 3 owners can upgrade free of charge.




Image credits: Cableguys

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