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Review: Cableguys – NoiseShaper

A few months back Cableguys launched the latest module to their flagship plugin ShaperBox 2, The NoiseShaper. Right from its launch, it has created quite some buzz among music producers and plugin critics. David Guetta also shared a video of him using the module and showing its enormous capabilities. After trying out the plugin for quite some time ourselves, we have prepared an in-depth review of NoiseShaper by Cableguys.



NoiseShaper has a bunch of preloaded noise samples you can add. The samples are broadly classified into 3 different types of sounds: Noise, Organic & Analogue. Noise comprises electronic/digital samples, Organic contains field recordings & Analogue with classic equipment noises.

Starting off with the Noise segment, you’ll find 4 subcategories: Basic, Modulated, Rough & Broken. Within this segment, you’ll find the standard noise samples such as white, pink, brown as well as interesting sounds such as Beatcrushed, Airwaves, Subtle Chorus among many others.

The next up is the Organic section where you’ll find a bunch of foley recordings such as key rattles, outdoor sounds, pouring rice sounds turned into noise samples. It has quite some interesting use cases when you want to add foley to fill up the space in the mix or layer your snares to make them sound interesting and less generic.

The last one is the Analogue section which as the name suggests has noise samples pertaining to vinyl, consoles, tapes, preamps, etc. Definitely some great alternatives in there if you want to add some analog touch to your sounds.

Apart from the preloaded samples, what makes the NoiseShaper pretty interesting is the immense control you get over the samples. The workflow remains the same as for the other modules of ShaperBox. An important aspect while adding noise to your sounds is to dial them in just the right amount so it doesn’t spoil your mixdown. With features such as setting the threshold, ADSR envelopes of the noise, High pass/low pass filters, follow & duck options you can easily optimize the sounds so it smoothly goes into your mixdown. You also have the ability to sidechain your noise signals.

Within the shaper section, you can draw custom LFOs easily and sync them to your sounds. By default, you get 54 preset shapes to choose from. These shapes not only just make your existing sounds interesting but also fuel your creativity with some out-of-the-box rhythmic arrangements.

The NoiseShaper pretty much works efficiently in almost all use cases, be it synths, drums, basslines, or when you need to create FX.



The NoiseShaper Module of ShaperBox by Cableguys is currently priced at €50 / $60. You can also enjoy a free trial of the module. The demo is fully functional and has no time limit, but you can only use one instance per song and you can’t save your settings.



Over the years, we have witnessed many producers creatively using various different Noise samples to make their track stand out. NoiseShaper is a tool that aims to accomplish just that in a very easy and convenient manner. Priced modestly at 60$ we would definitely recommend NoiseShaper if you are looking for some creative tools for noise-related processing.




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Image Credits: Cableguys

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