Cableguys ShaperBox 3 Black Friday Sale 2022

Multi-FX AU/VST Plugin

8 different Cableguys effects in the same box (Time, drive, noise, filter, crush, pan, volume, and width) make up the Shaperbox, a versatile and simple multi-tool that any producer would be happy to have in their arsenal. Simply draw any wave shape and use the pens to quickly and easily create even the most complex shapes. Use envelopes to make the shapers react to any individual part of your mix; combine the shapers to mix and match bold new sounds, or use the presets to seek inspiration. Touted by the likes of David Guetta, this 8 in 1 plug-in can easily become your go-to for a variety of needs. The possibilities are endless.


Black Friday Deal: Shaperbox VST Plugin is currently available for 70% off as part of Cableguys Black Friday Deal.

Price: $89.0 (discounted from $301)


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