Casio release CT- S1000V Vocal Synth and CT-S500 Keyboard

Casio release CT- S1000V Vocal Synth and CT-S500 Keyboard

Casio has announced the release of the CT-S1000V Vocal Synth and the CT-S500 Keyboard. The CT-S1000v, being the first hardware synth capable of turning any text into a “sung” musical phrase, has received plenty of well deserved attention since its release, but the CT-S500, which has gone somewhat under the radar despite packing an incredible amount of power in its portable and lightweight frame, is just as noteworthy.



The obvious selling point on the CT-S1000v is the unique vocal synthesis system, the first of its kind on a hardware synthesizer. Supporting English and Japanese text, the synth has 100 “Lyric Tones”- phrases commonly used in songs or musical settings, such as “I wanna be with you” or “raise your hands up”- built into the instrument, which can be customized and adjusted. Cooler still, you can write whatever lyrics you want and import them in via the free Lyric Creator. There’s 22 (!) different vocalist types to choose from, as well as two different performance modes: “Phrase mode”, in which entire phrases can be played in a set rhythm when keys are pressed, and “Note Mode”, in which phrases are played one syllable at a time.


Maybe a bit overshadowed by the vocal synth it was announced alongside, the CT-S500 has almost all the same capabilities as the CT-S1000v, bar the ability to synthesize vocals. Both come with a hefty 800 sounds, 243 rhythms (as well as 50 slots for user rhythms), an arpeggiator, keyboard split capability, pitch wheel and more. They’re also MIDI enabled, both wired and wirelessly, with the all in/outs you need for the stage or studio.


The CT-S1000v is currently available online at a variety of retailers for $449.99 (£429), whereas the CT-S500 is selling for a bit cheaper at $379.99 (£379).

Click here to read more on the CT-S500 keyboard and click here for more info on the CT-S1000V Vocal Synth, and watch the video below to see them in action!



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Image Credits: Casio