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ChatGPT built a synth plugin and it can be downloaded for free

The world of artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is rapidly evolving as individuals are utilizing new tools like ChatGPT to help formulate text, code, help with complex equations, and even write music.  One curious producer pushed the technology even further, prompting it to build a synthesizer plug-in, and the journey and results are pretty amazing.

Popular YouTube producer and teacher Doctor Mix was well aware of the many tasks which other musicians had used ChatGPT for, such as lyric and melody writing, playlist creation, and even the ability to produce code for plugin effects, but he decided to push the technology into uncharted territory.  The process started when he asked the AI technology if it could code a virtual synthesizer.  At first, he hit a brick wall when the program responded by saying, “I’m sorry, but as a language model, I do not have the capability to code a VST synthesizer.”  Undeterred, he tried a few more options and was able to get the program to develop code for a simple sine wave synth that could be brought to an open-source C++ framework for development.  Doctor Mix chose to try to get ChatGPT to help him navigate the code but unfortunately, found another dead end to the process.


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Very motivated now, Doctor Mix headed to Amsterdam and made a visit to Martinic where he got to browse some of their vintage gear before working directly with their plug-in developers who were able to write additional code for the initial ChatGPT output.  The journey paid off, and the team was able to develop a working software synthesizer and even enlisted ChatGPT to help add a filter and an amplitude envelope to the instrument.  What started as a question of coding for an AI program turned into a function VST/AU/CLAP plugin which the team decided to release for free.

Watch the full video below and download the Doctor Mix AI SYNTH for free now!

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