Review: Cinematic Pads by Spitfire

Spitfire Audio released a brand new plugin to their Originals series called Cinematic Pads. This plugin consists of a 2.7Gb library which is exclusively recorded from symphonic orchestral recordings captured at AIR Studios, London. Down below is our review of the plugin.



When first opening up the Cinematic Pads plugin, you are met by a clean-looking interface with a few knobs and, already, good-sounding presets to choose from. When diving a little bit deeper into the plugin, your main focus will be on the big round knob in the middle. This knob allows you to control the reverb, attack, release or distortion, you can choose which of those 4 alternatives you want to control yourself. To the left of that button, you have two faders, one is controlling the low-pass filter as well as the cut-off frequency meanwhile the other one is controlling the overall expression of the sound.

Since it’s recorded live from a symphonic orchestra, no wonder why every preset sounds so clean right from the start. This library of unique sounding presets offers a variety of sounds that go well with any genre, which is kind of interesting. Whether you are looking for main elements in your song or background elements this plugin will have something in the bag for you. The sounds are very humanized and “real” sounding, giving your track that little extra spark it sometimes needs.


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Cinematic Pads is a part of the Spitfire Originals series and is currently priced at $29.00.


Considering the high quality and amount of presets included in the 2.7Gb library, we’d gladly recommend this plugin if you’re looking for some high-quality pads.

Take a look at how the plugin works below:



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Image credits: Spitfire Audio