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Comakid breaks down how he made official sample pack for Ableton | Sample Pack Giveaway

For the next edition of In The Studio, we have Comakid, who recently made an official sample pack for Ableton. The series aims to help budding music producers learn from professionals by providing an exclusive look into the gear, software, workflow, and thinking behind some of the greatest works in electronic music. 


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Comakid is an Italian producer UK naturalized and multi-instrumentalist, he is committed to the continuous research and experimentation of sound and its aesthetics, with no boundaries whatsoever. FFO Jon Hopkins, Jamie XX, and Ross From Friends, his style is very diverse but also coherent and unique. Analog sounds, unpredictable patterns combined with dreamy melodies, and a very emotive approach, are some of the features you can always expect from his music. Comakid has recently dropped “Hyper Real” – his latest pack of instruments, drum racks, and effects on Ableton. The sample pack features some amazing sounds and instruments that can take your production to the next level. Check out how Comakid made the official sample pack for Ableton in the video down below. We are also hosting a giveaway for the sample pack. More info:



  1. All you need to do is enter your name and email on
  2. We will be giving away 5 sample packs. 
  3. The competition runs till 10th November 2022



We have also compiled a list of plugins Comakid used in the sample pack creation:


1. BigKick 

2. Saturation Softube 

3. Transient Master 

4. DS Clap 

5. Soundtoys Devil loc 

6. NI Driver

7. Pro Q3 

8. Soothe 2 

9. Fabfilter Pro L2 

10. Soundtoys Decapitator 

11. API 2500 

12. Fabfilter Pro MB

13. UAD Eq4 Maag audio 



Ready to see how Comakid made Hyper-real sample pack for Ableton? Watch the video in our In The Studio series below!



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Image credit: Comakid(Press)

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