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Cyber Monday Sample Packs 2021

Black Friday is officially over and Cyber Monday has arrived. The relevance of Cyber Monday is that it marks the departure of many discounts, sales & offers. We did an article on best Black Friday deals on Sample packs and this round-up article will take care of the deals that are running on Cyber Monday. Down below we have listed some of the Best Cyber Monday Sample Pack Deals in 2021. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.

| Fabfilter Black Friday Deals – up to 25% off on Pro Q3, Pro MB & more 

Best Cyber Monday Deals on Sample Packs 2021

1. Ghosthack – Cyber Monday Sale 

Best deals:

2. Production Music Live – Cyber Monday 

Best Deals:


3. Production Master Cyber Monday 2021- 60% off on sample packs 

Best deals:


| Black Friday VST Plugin Deals | The Best Sales


4. Black Octopus Cyber Monday 2021 Sale – up to 60% off on sample packs


Popular Black Octopus sample packs: 


5. Rainbow Sounds – 40% off

Popular Rainbow Sounds Sample Packs: 




More Sample Pack Deals:

1. Artisan Audio Black – up to 50% off till 6 Dec

2. Audio Modern Black Friday sample packs – up to 35% till 6 Dec

3. Vital Vocals Black – 50% off 

4. Zenhiser Black Friday – 50% off


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