cymatics lofi sample packs release 3 new lofi sample packs has released 3 new lofi sample packs. The bundle contains a wide collection of melodies, guitar loops, and piano compositions. Cymatics has also released a free teaser pack along with it.

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The bundle contains 3 sample packs, Gems Vol 22 – Lofi Melodies, Lofi – Guitar Loops Vol 2 & Boom – Piano Compositions. Gems Vol 22 – Lofi Melodies has over 1.4 GB of samples distributed across 22 different files. All the loops have a laidback chill vibe to them. Definitely some great song starter ideas in there. Guitar forms an integral part of so many lofi compositions. Guitar Loops Vol 2 is full of analog processed guitar loops that help you create the desired nostalgic lofi tune. This sample pack has 30 royalty-free guitar loops. The last one in the bundle is the Boom – Piano Compositions sample pack. Included within are 10 full-length piano compositions. Loaded with emotionally driven chords, the sample pack will inspire you in a bunch of different ways. Being recorded by a professional pianist, the loops capture the essence of live piano performance.

The Lofi Bundle by Cymatics is currently priced at an introductory offer of 37$. The bundle also has a teaser pack which can be download here.

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