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Cymatics Black Friday Sale on Sample Packs 2022

Cymatics, Ghosthack, and Loopmasters are one of the world-leading music companies offering their best-selling sample packs for every genre. Expect some sharp deals on single sample packs, free products, and huge discounts on bundles on Black Friday. A lot of the sample packs are up to 80% off as well as FREE high-quality products. We are here to list the best Black Friday deals on sample packs from Cymatics. Also make sure to check out our professionally curated Black Friday landing page where we list the best deals on plugins, sample packs, courses and more.



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  Best Cymatics Black Friday Deals


All of the sample packs of Cymatics are up to 80% off at which new & FREE packs are included. Here are the best sample pack deals from Cymatics:

  1. Black Friday 808s Bundle – $30 (from $209)
  2. Mecury Bundle Melody Pack – $35 (from $200)
  3. Lofi Melody Bundle – $25 (from $197)
  4. EDM Bundle – $50 (from $238)
  5. Guitar Loop Bundle – $30 (from $202)
  6. Trap Melody Bundle – $50 (from $287)
  7. Drum Loops Bundle – $35 (from $169)


1. Black Friday 808s Bundle 

Included are a total of 8 best-selling sample packs: Ultimate Basses Vol. 1, Thunder 808 kit, Mayhem, Boomin 808s Vol. , Boomin 808s Vol. 2, Lethal 808 samples, Tremor 808 samples, Goliath-808 collection & Vortex plugin. These sample packs contain a broad range of sounds providing you the perfect 808 samples for your next hip-hop & trap track.


2. Mercury Production Suite Bundle

For only $35 you’ll get access to 4 premium sample packs containing melodies, drums, percussion and vocals. The packs included are Mercury melodies, Divinity vocal loops, Elements percussion loops, Yosemite Hip hop drum loops.



3. Lofi Melody Bundle – $25 (from $197)

Desperate to add the vintage and lofi vibe to your individual sounds, mixes, or master chains? The Lofi melody bundle contains a huge amount of vintage sounds of the 70s, 80s, and even 90s to add to your productions. 9 sample packs are included in this bundle which are perfect for adding warmth, emotion, and nostalgia to your tracks such as drum & shaker loops, ambient tape loops, recorded instruments, and full melodies.


4. EDM Bundle – $50 (from $238)

Features 8 high quality EDM sample packs. Perfect for genres such as EDM, Dubstep & House.


5. Guitar Loop Bundle – $30 (from $202)

Features 9 professionally recorded Guitar sample packs. Full stems are included for every loop so you have full control.


6. Drum Loops Bundle – $35 (from $169)

Features 7 drum sample packs. These drum loops are great for chopping or you can simply use them as is, straight out of the box.


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