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How Daft Punk used sampling to create ‘One More Time’

This iconic duo has combined their forces, since 1993, to create hits like Da Funk, One More Time, and Harder Better Faster Stronger. Daft Punk changed the dance music scene because of their funky unique set of music. They also collaborated with various big artists such as Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, and The Weekend. Unfortunately, after 28 years, the duo decided to split. Thanks to reddit, a clip demonstrating how the legendary duo used sampling to create ‘One More Time’ started going viral.


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Daft Punk is well known for sampling parts from someone else’s music and use it to their advantage. One of their biggest hits, One More Time, contains a sample from the song ‘More Spell On You‘ by Eddie Johns. Daft Punk showed everybody the power of simplicity through the main melody of One More Time, by using several parts of Eddie Johns his melody. They changed the pitch of the samples and used them in a different order, leading to the existing melody of One More Time. You’ll probably be wondering why Daft Punk got away with copyright strikes. Daft Punk could have cleared the samples by offering Eddie Johns a certain amount of money or they just used it without clearing the samples. Either way, in 2007, when this song has been released, there were less stringent rules about copyrights.

Curious about how Daft Punk used sampling to create the classic “One More Time”, you can check it down below.

Daft Punk and the power in simplicity from r/nextfuckinglevel

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