Disclosure’s Twitch based event “ENERGY FEST” to kick off this Saturday

Since Covid-19, there have been a lot of producers streaming their time in the studio on Twitch and putting up their own discord server to connect with budding music producers. The English producer duo Disclosure recently announced that they will be hosting their own event “Energy Fest” that will be live-streamed on Twitch and will feature a lot of other artists as well.


On the 31st of July at 12 pm BST, the duo will be streaming this event live on Twitch, showcasing some of their favorite discord community regulars + some very special guests: MJ Cole, Salute, Kryptogram, and Higgo. There have been quite some live shows being streamed on Twitch during the pandemic and this is the most unique of them all as it provides the stage to budding music producers who have been a part of the Disclosure’s discord community.


Disclosure also released the complete lineup for the event. You can check out the lineup and timetable down below. Also, the Grammy-nominated duo regularly stream on Twitch sharing interesting insights into their music production process. You can check out their live stream schedule here.



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Image Credits: Disclosure / Energy Fest