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The Discord server that created an entire AI community

Artificial Intelligence is arguably the most discussed topic regarding music creation. The biggest artists in the world such as David Guetta are using it to their advantage but there’s also a dark side to it. Lately, there are several copyright claims occurring where AI is being used to create music while using parts of others’ music. What does the future hold when it comes to this technology and how can we manage this business?


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A while ago, the music industry was filled with news regarding AI-incorporated tools for music production. These tools are specially built to achieve a unique purpose when mixing and mastering your tracks. It is supposed to be helping you tackle struggles while composing. It does a great job without a doubt, but it’s starting to take over the craft of music production through the latest news items. Tracks are being made with parts of other’s music and being released under the name of these artists without permission.


A perfect example is the viral ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ song featuring Drake and The Weeknd. The vocals for this track aren’t recorded by either Drake or The Weeknd themselves, but a producer named ‘Ghostwriter’ has been using AI to re-create their voices. This song has been wandering social media for a while, which caught the attention of the record label of both artists. Universal Music Group (UMG) had to step in, in order to remove this song from the internet. A group of producers has even made an entire album made by AI, including songs that are speculated to be released on Travis Scott’s album Utopia. All of the songs hold onto a re-creation of the rapper’s voice. Warner Music Group had to take down the album due to copyright claims. We are at the tipping point where we can distinguish AI from real musicians, but it’s unsure for what time period.


The producers, supporting AI, have been creating a complete community where they discuss AI developments and tips and tricks for music production on a Discord server. This server, called AI Hub, will share knowledge about music composition with a total of 21.000+ users. These producers publicly shared information about how easy it is to re-create someone’s voice. By using different code templates, that are running on Google’s Colab, they can create different voice models of more than 30 singers. Ghostwriter: Look at how much new content has been created based on AI covers. A lot of tracks have gotten a second chance and even a new interpretation, and some of them sound even better than the original.”  


It’s definitely a great way of creating music with the help of this technology, but these developments also bring up many questions. Have a look down below on how they’re using AI to create these covers.

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