Dolby Atmos Renderer

Experience the sound of Dolby through their new application, Renderer

Dolby Atmos is a leading sound system that offers iconic spatial audio technology, providing listeners and viewers with an unparalleled experience in the world of TV, film, and games. Their latest software is the result of combining two different worlds, and we are amazed by the possibilities it brings.


The Dolby Atmos Renderer allows you to implement sound experiences you are familiar with from film into your next musical production. The suite is packed with possibilities, covering mixing, editing, and sound design purposes for TV, film, and music mixing. Its streamlined interface ensures a fast workflow and all the tools needed for metering, monitoring, and mastering.


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The DAM suite takes mastering a step further, providing an environment specially designed for a release-ready end product. With Dolby Atmos Renderer, you can create 3D mixes using headphones or speakers for your home sound system, TV, gaming, podcasts, or your own productions. This all-in-one production habitat offers you so much freedom and information about each individual stem, including integrated loudness, short-term loudness, range, true peak, time, different monitoring settings, frame rate, and a 3D visualizer where you can decide where you want to place your sound.


Other features include online and offline re-renders, the ability to record and playback Dolby Atmos master files, and monitoring via speaker output or headphone output, including binaural rendering. When you purchase Dolby Atmos Renderer, you also receive the Dolby Atmos Music plugin, Dolby Atmos Binaural Settings plugin, and Dolby LTC generator.


Renderer is compatible with Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11 Pro, and MacOS 10.14.6 to 13.2.1. Unfortunately, this software isn’t compatible with all of the DAWs yet. Avid Pro Tools, Blackmagic Designs Resolve, and Merging Pyramix are the ones that are compatible at the moment.


The software is available at a price of $299, but you can also upgrade it from the previous suites for a one-time $50.



Have a closer look at the software down below:


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Image Credits: Dolby Atmos



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