Empirical Labs Pump 500 Series Compressor

NAMM 2023: Empirical Labs launch Pump 500 Series Compressor

Empirical Labs is a renowned brand that has been delivering high-quality and innovative audio processing solutions for decades. They are known for its flagship Distressor compressor, which has become an industry standard for recording engineers and producers. However, if you’re short on rack space and need a powerful compressor, the Empirical Labs Pump 500 Series Compressor might just be the perfect solution for you. The Pump 500 series compressor is also their first hardware product in 12 years.


The Empirical Labs Pump is a 500 Series compressor that packs a ton of value and sound quality into a compact size. Despite its small footprint, this compressor delivers the same exceptional sound quality and versatility that Empirical Labs is known for. It is ideal for use in small studios or live performance setups where space is at a premium.


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One of the standout features of the Empirical Labs Pump is its easy-to-read front panel. The front panel has knobs for attack, release, input trim, and output make-up gain, plus a continuously variable attack modification (AtMod) knob for shaping transients. There are also buttons for ratio, bypass, and turning on Saturation Mode. The Saturation Mode is where the Pump really shines. It adds a rich harmonic distortion that can give your tracks a warm and analog-like character.


The Empirical Labs Pump offers a range of attack settings from 200 microseconds to 50 milliseconds, and release settings from 50 to 600 milliseconds, plus Opto-style auto release. The Pump also has ratios ranging from 2:1 to 20:1, giving you a wide range of options for controlling dynamics.


In terms of frequency response, the Pump delivers a range from 5Hz to 175kHz, making it ideal for processing a wide range of audio sources. The compressor also boasts a dynamic range of 125dB max output (0.5% THD germanium diode soft clipping), which is impressive for such a small unit. Additionally, the Pump has a noise floor of -101dBu with output set to 0, making it ideal for use in critical recording applications.


Other notable features of the Empirical Labs Pump include a detector HP of 70Hz and soft clipper functionality that sounds very musical. The Pump requires +/- 16.5V 100mA voltage, making it compatible with most 500-series racks.


Price: Empirical Labs Pump 500 Series Compressor is priced at $699 and is now available for pre-order. Know more here.



Image credits: Empirical Labs

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