emvoice black friday sale

Emvoice announces Black Friday Sale: 40% off on Vocal Synthesizer

Ever wanted to put a vocal synth on one of your tracks? Now might be the perfect time- Emvoice, the maker of the synth of the same name, has launched their Black Friday 2021 sale, with both of their synth voices available at 40% off for a limited time. Lucy (female voice) and Jay (male voice) are currently only $119 (down from $199) for the rest of November.


Lucy and Jay may be vocal synths, but they’re not quite fully synthesized. Created from actual vocal samples and imbued with plenty of ways to adjust and perfect your sound, they can sound remarkably human, perfectly digital, or anywhere in between- the choice is yours, and all you need is your favorite DAW and internet access. It works by taking the information that you put in (i.e. pitch, the words and their pronunciation, as well as other parameters) and creates a unique algorithm that shapes your sound in no time at all. Simply draw the “phrases”, assign English words or custom vocalizations (ex. la, woah, ooh, etc.) to said phrase, and watch as the cloud brings it back, ready to play, near instantly. Both come with plenty of capabilities. Lucy’s natural vocal range goes from E2 to A4; Jay’s is from E1 to C4, but both are capable of an impressive extended range that spans C1 to C5. With modifiable pronunciations and programmable glissando and vibrato, Lucy and Jay may not be human, but they sure can get close. Regardless of whether you simply don’t have access to a vocalist or just want to add a little robotic flavor to your sound, Emvoice is a powerful and easy to learn alternative which is, for the moment, available on the cheap.

Looking to take advantage of Emvoice’s 2021 Black Friday sale? Click the button down below to get Lucy or Jay for $119 until November 30th.



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Image Credits: Emvoice App