Emvoice One Giveaway: Win the complete Vocal Synth

We’ve written about the amazing Emvoice One vocal synth on multiple occasions, waxing lyrical about the plugin’s ease-of-use, versatility (you can make any of the voices sound as human or as unreal as you like), and general fun and creative feel. Now we’re giving you the chance to win this jaw-dropping software completely free. Introducing the We Rave You Tech Emvoice One Giveaway!


Emvoice is a vocal synthesis company, focussing on the next generation of vocal recordings for music production. The huge gap between professional vocal recordings and the quality that you can get out of vocal sample packs can be filled with this plugin. When adding a note into the plugin, you’ll be able to type your own lyrics and direct the vocal by moving the notes up and down on the scale. This plugin opens up a whole lot of possibilities of what you can do with vocals. To check out the plugin in action watch the video down below:


To participate, just visit the official giveaway page and enter your name and email- it’s that simple. Three lucky winners will receive all four of the unique voices (a value of $400/£347/€400) the synth has to offer: Keela, Lucy, Jay, and Thomas.


  • Keela:
    • Natural range: D2 to G4
    • Extended range: C0 to C5
    • The newest voice; modeled around a studio acapella and designed for adaptability
  • Lucy:
    • Natural range: E2 to A4
    • Extended range: C0 to C5
    • The original; balanced and good for pop
  • Jay:
    • Natural range: E1 to C4
    • Extended range: C0 to C5
    • The plugin’s first male vocal; similar to Lucy
  • Thomas
    • Range: C0 to C5
    • Classic vocoder style and sound


Contestants have until October 15th to enter, so don’t hesitate- sign up now!

Be sure to enter our Emvoice One Giveaway, and keep an eye on We Rave You Tech for free contests, tech news, interviews, and so much more!




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