EVE Audio SC2070 studio monitor

Meet the new EVE Audio SC2070 studio monitor

EVE Audio released a new piece of gear at which we’re excited to share all of the newest specifications with you. This new studio monitor, called the SC2070, is the newest in line with the Midfield series. It’s the bigger brother of the SC207 monitor, but besides the appearance, they’ve added and improved a lot of functionalities. Have a look down below to find every little detail of this newcomer.


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The EVE Audio SC2070 is a 2-way midfield studio monitor that ensures a powerful bass and superior precision across the whole frequency spectrum. A completely new addition to this piece of gear is the Air Motion Transformer RS7, which ensures the translation of frequencies into detailed resolution. This RS7 AMT is the largest one used in 2-way monitors, promising a detailed precision of the upper mid and high-frequency ranges. A perfect addition for home studios or mid-sized studios. Just like any other speaker made by EVE Audio, they added the Smart-Knob, a feature that allows you to change the acoustic environment of the monitor. Smart Knob can be found at the front, named the volume/leveling knob, which changes both the system volume and the filters for different rooms. The included filters are low-shelf, mid-eq, and high-shelf filters. Different settings can be selected once using the LED ring, which will display information about the different settings. At the back, you’ll find an analog input signal suitable for XLR and RCA and a 3-part equalizer. EVE Audio also implanted their famous bass port design, which is specially designed for low noise and the power and precision that these speakers deliver.


  • 38Hz – 25kHz frequency range
  • 1800Hz crossover frequency
  • 2 Amplifiers
  • 150W output power woofer
  • 100W output power tweeter
  • -inf. – +6dB Volume
  • > 3kHz – High-shelf filter (-5dB – +3dB)
  • 1kHz – Mid EQ (-3dB – +3dB)
  • < 300Hz – Low-shelf filter (-5dB – +3dB)
  • 10k XLR input
  • 10k RCA input

The EVE Audio SC2070 studio monitor differs in price according to your location. Have a look at their website, select your location, and find out where you can buy it.



Have a closer look down below:

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Image Credits: EVE Audio

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